Best Home Remedies For Migraine And Headache Problems

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Check out these interesting headache home remedies that you might already be having in your household.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermit can really soothe & be beneficial for those suffering from tension headaches. The fresh smell of peppermint possesses vasoconstrictor & vasodilator qualities that aid in controlling blood circulation throughout the body. Oftentimes, migraine pains & headaches arise from pitiable blood supply & peppermint oil works by opening & closing blood vessels which encourage circulation. This oil could additionally unblock sinuses thus permitting greater amounts of oxygen getting into the blood.

Lavender Oil

Alongside smelling splendid, lavender even doubles up as a superlative remedy for migraine pains & headache. Inhalation or topical application could do the trick. Taking 2-4 droplets per 2-3 cupfuls of searing water for inhaling vaporous form of lavender oil could treat headaches. Disparate to several medicinal oil types, external application of lavender oil could also be safely done sans the need for its dilution, though one must steer clear from oral intake.

Basil Oil

The strong scent of basil is a perfect addition to your pasta & pizza dishes and scores high on smell & taste quotient. For individuals seeks innate home remedies for their headaches, the oil obtained from the basil plant could help because of its muscle relaxing property hence particularly beneficial for headache arising from tensions & tightness in muscles.

Diet Amendments

Dietetic tweaks could be yet another means of thwarting bothersome headaches & migraines. Particular kinds of food have been found to impact the occurrence & acuteness of migraines & headache pains inclusive of chocolates, peanut butter, onion, nitrates-containing meat forms like hot dog, bacons, dairy, fruit varieties like bananas, avocadoes & citrus fruits, MSG (monosodium glutamate) presence in foods, tyramine-comprising food forms ( tyramine is an amino acid present in red wines) & foods which have undergone fermentation or pickling. Maintain a foods journal for spotting offender foods.

Do-it-Yourself Scalp Massaging

Alongside feeling fabulous, massaging your scalp area could also be effectual in assuaging headache & migraine pains. Brazilian scientists have shown that when the region at the backside of the head, (at the cranium base) – the greater occipital nerve -lessened migraine pains. Massaging generally has been found to be a beneficial home cure for headache, particularly, reflexology (when reflex points located on the foot & hand areas are massaged).


Buckwheat’s benefits as a home cure to tackling migraines & headaches are due to the rutin flavonoid presence in it which has antioxidant traits that offset harm to cells. Moreover, Taiwanese scientists have proven flavonoids role in allaying inflammations, the prevalent reason for headache.


With a self-explanatory name, this herb helps in treating fever, though it is largely identified as an herbal therapy for headaches. Its popularity rose in the eighties when a milestone G. Britain trial found that seventy per cent of entrants experienced lesser migraine pains subsequent to have taken feverfew everyday. From that time onwards, further trials have illustrated the herb’s advantages in prevention & treatment of migraine-related pains. A trial even found improvements in migraines-caused pains in those taking white willow herb + feverfew in combo. White willow is another herbal home cure that has aspirin-like qualities.

Flax seeds

Several headaches are inflammation-caused & could be lowered by the intake of n-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds is a potent source and aids in offering respite from headaches when taken in oil, grounded or whole seed form.


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