Formal Letter

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Dear Mr. Clark,

I am, hereby, writing you this letter to inform you of the irresponsibility of your etisalat management which is causing me a great deal of problem with my mobile phone and internet connection.

I recentlybought my phone and got a prepaid card, I filled it with AED 100 and within a day it was gone. I called the customer service desk who told me to turn off all data receiving options, I explained that I have already done this but they keep on saying that I haven’t done it properly. When I asked for a refund, they disconnected the call, I tried reconnecting but the same thing happened. Another incident with my mobile credit balance was that I lost 25 dirham in one single message! Once again, I contacted the help desk but no healthy response came from them.

In January, 2010, etisalat launched a promotion of charging 1 dirham per minute internationally, I enrolled in that but after a couple of calls to Pakistan, I got to know that the etisalat were charging me normal rate instead of the discounted rate. I called the help desk; they apologized to me and confirmed that they owed me AED 30.56. I have made around 20 follow-up calls to ensure they refund me that money but no such feedback came from them. I even gave reference to the people who promised me at the help desk but they did not bother to listen to my proof.

I renewed my wasel on February 2nd 2010, but until now I could not receive my free credit. I should receive AED 50 credit back as the offer states clearly on your official website that those who renew their wasel before 31st of March 2010, they will receive AED 50 credit back, but I didn’t. I tried resolving my issue by calling the help desk but they kept telling that it’s a technical problem which I don’t believe because my friend renewed his wasel after me and he got his credit back.

For the past few weeks, my internet connection is working extremely slowly. I have a 4mbps fiber optic connection, so it should go really fast, but it takes around 10 min to open a simple webpage. I contacted your help desk but they kept saying either to restart my router or change my default internet settings which did not help. Sometimes my internet suddenly cuts off and none of the websites open, I am having this problem for the past one month. I called the help desk, they told me to follow some steps to configure my router but none of the steps worked, they promised me to send a technician and its one month now and no technician arrived.

When the fiber optic device was installed in my building, my landline stopped working. The VOIP light goes on and off, most of the time it’s off. I can’t make or receive calls which is extremely distressing and I have to use my mobile all the time. Once again, I called the help desk, they sent technicians to my house, they changed the wire and the socket but the problem still occurred. When I asked the technicians what the problem was, they were not able to identify and gave me silly answers which did not make any sense to me.

With all the complaints listed above, I would like a refund on my balance lost during some failures in your mobile service and I want you to take a legal action and resolve the problems with your help desk and internet connectivity.


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