Strange Conditions

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Walking slowly in a place where I was almost alone but yet not. Looking around to my surroundings, I discovered it was a small house, covered in green moss. The structure of the house was totally different; it was like carved into something not meant to be furnished. I walked closer to it, much closer now, examining the surface by touching it. It was a rough, uneven surface, made out of mostly wood and maybe some other irregular materials. The surface smelt like rotten wood, means the house was really old, almost a relic.

It was my grandmother’s house, I was supposed to visit her but unfortunately she wasn’t there so I decided to study the jungle as I was an archaeologist. I studied the trees; it looked like they were 20-40 years old though they look quite old. The leaves were also of the same kind in each and every tree so they were all the same type, I think they were the Hepi trees. The jungle didn’t look much inviting but I was sure there were no animal threats; these were kind of forests where animals could not simply live in.

There were a few tracks for the vehicles to drive along smoothly though they looked quite rough. My grandmother arrived at the instance and we greeted ourselves. She unlocked the door and I stepped in first. The house was dark at first before the grandmother switched on the lights. As my eyes adjusted, I saw a small studio type room which had everything. There was a separate room for sleeping. The larger room had a kitchen with all the basic necessities, there were two sofas for sitting and a small dining table. All the things were in awful shape, but my grandmother loved all these, she told that it was kind of related to her past. There was a strange smell which you could only find in abandon houses, but overall it was a good house for one person only. I liked that place overall and I wish I can have this place in my future career life.


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