Wake UP And Bypass Your Commuting Delays!

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Tralarm, A New Smart Phone App, Helps Commuters Avoid Running Behind By Waking Them Up Early When There Is A Delay In Their Usual Transit Route.

(July, 2011) New York – Public transportation delays are an inevitable part of life for commuters. Although there is nothing that can be done to stop those delays, Tralarm offers a functional and intuitive alternative. This new app promises to lessen the headaches and tardiness encountered by commuters when faced with a subway, bus or train delay. Already heralded as a winning app in the UK, it is now ready to help commuters in four metro areas across the US.

Tralarm operates with all of the usual functions of a smart phone alarm clock, including an aesthetically pleasing display. However, that is where the similarities end. The free app differentiates itself from other alarms by being equipped to receive live Subway, Rail, Bus and Bridge traffic information from local transit authorities. That information is used to alert commuters to a delay on their usual transportation line and wake them up at an earlier preset time to avoid the hassle of running behind. That early wake time allows users to decide if they’d like to opt for a different route or transportation method, or to just leave early to make up for the delay.

The app offers intuitive built-in features which allow commuters to personalize their routes and alarm preferences. Users of Tralarm can set up to 3 transit routes for the app to monitor for delays. When a delay occurs on one those 3 routes, the alarm will wake the commuter up at the predetermined earlier time with a voice message describing the delay and its location. It will then proceed to play music until turned off or snoozed. The music is selected from either the user’s personal playlist or from the built-in alarm offerings which include Beethoven’s Fur Elise, Marche Militaire or Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca. Additionally, the snooze time length is fully customizable.

According to Arkajit Bala, creator of the Tralarm app, “It’s so much more convenient to be woken up with that delay information instead of having to fiddle around on the internet trying to check the status of your favorite subways. Not only that, you get woken up earlier so you can make up for that delay by leaving earlier or taking another route into work, thereby never being late again.”

There are currently four available offerings of the Tralarm app {insert hyperlink to site}. These include:
•    Tralarm NYC – Gets updates from Metropolitan Transport Authority of New York City
•    Tralarm Chicago –  Gets updates from Chicago Transport Authority of Chicago
•    Tralarm Boston – Gets updates from Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority of Boston
•    Tralarm DC – Gets updates from Washington Transport Authority of Washington DC

Delays are an unavoidable and unfortunate occurrence in public transportation. Tralarm offers commuters a smart solution to help them avoid the hassles and hold ups when the inevitable delay occurs.

About Tralarm and Zappmine.:
The Tralarm app, distributed by Zappmine, hit the market in 2011 and is available at no charge to users. It provides commuters with an intuitive alarm system that is linked to four major metropolitan transit authorities in the United States. The primary function of the Tralarm App is to wake commuters early when there is a delay on one of their 3 usual transportation routes, enabling users to either select a different transit line or to leave early to make up for the delay. The app is available for download at http://tralarm-app.com

Zappmine is a service operated by Business Data Mine, a privately held software company based in the UK. The company specializes in the design and development of innovative iPhone/Android/Smartphone apps and cloud applications. The Zappmine team is headed up by Managing Director Arkajit Bala who has over 11 years experience in the Information Systems field. Also at the forefront of the team are Technology Director Tom Dymond and Finance Director Peter Davidson.

Note To Editors:
Requests for high-resolution screenshots, exclusive interviews or more information should be directed to Kate Miller, Broken Ladder Media, US PR Representative for Business Data Mine. She can be reached via email at kate@brokenladdermedia.com or via phone at (248) 425-5880.


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