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EnEx provides the skill of professional exterior house painters using a product that will do more for you than provide beautiful exterior house paint. With EnEx, your house painters are helping you to better insulate your home.

There are many ways to save on energy costs by upgrading insulation, and many people are surprised to learn that your choice of exterior house painting can be one of those energy-saving steps. Why is it important to save on your gas and electric bills? Experts have a shared opinion that energy costs aren’t likely to go down; instead, they’re likely to make a bigger and bigger dent in your monthly budget.

A small step that you can take to begin improving the energy efficiency in your home is to make good use of curtains and blinds. The heavier the curtains, the more helpful they are at insulating your home from outdoor temperatures. In the wintertime, close shades, blinds, and curtains at night to keep the cold out; during the day, open them to let the warmth of the sun in.

Insulating Exterior Paint
Another step toward better insulation involves small spaces. Expansion foam insulation is excellent for those small openings that allow your home’s heat to escape. Apply expansion foam insulation behind electric switch plates and the entries into your home that allow for cable television and the Internet.

One of the biggest sources of heat loss in the home is the attic. The good news is that the attic is also one of the easiest places to access in order to make insulation changes. Check your attic insulation to be sure that you have at least one foot of insulation. As needed, you can roll paperless insulation on top of the existing layers.

Weather stripping around doors and windows is also important. The spaces around windows and doors can be the source of a great deal of heat loss, which costs you money. Weather stripping is fairly easy to accomplish for do-it-yourselfers.

Whatever steps you take to better insulate your home, be sure to wear the recommended protective gear, especially when handling fiberglass insulation and exterior house painting..

You may not have known that choosing your exterior house painting could be a tremendous step toward better insulation of your home. The product used by the reliable exterior painters at EnEx is called Envirocoat. We believe it’s the best product available today. In fact, it’s the only kind of exterior house paint that we use.

Envirocoat helps you reduce your utility costs by providing thermal barrier protection and heat management. This exterior paint is a result of years of extensive research and development, and it’s Energy Star approved.


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