Relationship a Bond of Sanctity

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 Relationship is a bond of sanctity .Relationships in life means the way towards complications for many of us. The Major problem in any relationship arises because of different subconscious patterns and behavioral attitudes .Every human being is unique in nature. The bond of sanctity is based on exchange. In other words it is give and take. We may observe in general that the bond of give and take may change its form due to selfish motives or ulterior motives which in turn indicate the selfishness of one or the other. The basic foundation in any relationship is that there is no place for selfishness. It is a pure bond based on trust ,care, share and natural feel for being worth. When two persons carry a bond of relationship be it friends lover, brother-sister parental or between a married couple. The sanctity lies when there is an open space for pure feelings of love ,affection and trust to flow and then there is a space for an individual too in the bond. As if there are two edges of a river but moving side by side and maintaining a proper flow in between as well as the space. As soon as the distance between the edges changes abruptly the flow is disturbed and turbulence is created. Similarly if the flow is free and streamlined it will have an everlasting beauty anything forced or thrown or any obstacle of any kind may disturb the flow. Similarly every relationship should have a free flow of emotions properly conveyed any obstacles must be properly removed by discussion to maintain the sanctity. We are the rulers to reign and witness the power of any bond. It is not easy to rule out the possibility that bond loses its shape for one cause or the other but the real strength lies when we are able to convey the importance of it to the other and further win the trust and finally bring to the agreement of faith. It is winning the heart with mind. It is all about resulting in compatibility that is what we must reign.


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