Japan's Madness Attacks. . .again!

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On Friday the 29th, Sanjo city (north of Tokyo) was attacked by extreme weather. The rain showered for a long time, causing a flood to happen.

180,000 people evacuated to the flood evacuations centres. Later that day almost 300,000 people ended up in evacuation centres.


Approx. 296,000 people evacuated from their flooded houses. Dozens were killed across the Korean peninsula. So far the reports are that 1 person died, and 5 gone missing.

They know for sure that a 63 year-old man, a 93 year-old woman and a 25 year-old man have disappeared. A few more than 40 people survived in their cars or buses on the side of flooded, muddy rivers/roads.

Self Defence Force troops have been dispatched to go looking for the reported missing people.

A 67 year old man named, “Eiichi Murayama” died while in his car. He was driving and the flood had driven him down River Nakazawa. His body was found the next day.

Trees, telephone poles, street lights etc. have fallen down because of the rain; lots of cars were left stranded in the flood and some people were left in houses.

This mad weather lasted more than 24 hours and ended at 5 a.m on Saturday, 30th (GMT time).

Scientists have informed weather agencies that places who have had an earthquake are prone to floods and mud.

In Fukushima, firefighters had seen a man being swept away in a mudslide, unable to help him. 4,800 people were rescued out of their homes.

There was also powercuts reported which affected the flood and residents too.

This hasn’t happened in Niigata since 2004 when the heavy rain had discharged the dam causing a flood.

Television footage and helicopter footage of Kamo City in Niigata had shown that it was flooded terribly, ruining their rice fields has been leaked.

The earthquake on March, 11 was the worst disaster since Chernobyl in 1984. Because of the earthquake and tsunami, Japan is living in fear and with more disasters happening, is it safe to say it wont happen again or safe to say it wont happen in another country?

That is all for now, I will keep you informed with more news about Japan.


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