Make Dubai Your Next Vacation Spot

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Located just south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula, it has a wonderful warm climate, an energetic city life and beautiful sandy terrains. It is also is a key place to visit during one of the fun and unique annual Dubai city holidays. Have a blast while marking the end of Ramadan and celebrate Fid Al Fitr in Dubai. Or embrace the formation of the United Arab Emirates for National Day. Join the over 4 milling people who come to visit for the Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises every year. Taking place in one of the largest malls within the city as well as other well established shopping centers like Deira City Center, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Burjuman.

For all of the more adventurous tourists, there is no shortage of exiting activities to partake in. Dubai is one of the best places in the world to show case your sand boarding skills. Turn the gorgeous dessert terrain in to your own personal playground. Sand boarding on the deserts of Dubai can be a different experience all together. They also offer an array of relaxing tours whether it’s walking through the historic yet well industrialized city, a soothing night boat cruise, or talking in a camel ride through the wondrous dessert.

Visiting Dubai can be surprisingly affordable. With flights to Dubai city in great economic price ranges that will fit your budget. With discounts in first class and business class airfare, you can choose to fly with any of these dependable airlines such as Match Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and American Airlines.

Dubai offers a great selection of Dubai hotels whether for luxury or budget, home to some of the most stunning 5 star hotels in the county and in the world. The Burjal Al Arab is world renowned for its elegance and unique structure located almost 300 meters from the shores of Jumeirah Dubai making it a magical stay. Or stay in one of many majestic and comfortable Dubai city hotels such as Atlantis the Palm, Emirates Palace, and the Grand Hyatt.

With so many varieties of travel and stay it will be easy for you to plan your trip. Whether you are visiting Dubai for a special occasion or just for the invigorating atmosphere, it will be one of the most astonishing journeys you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.


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