Saving Money Is Not Usually The Most Important Thing

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Your website could cost money. Buying advertising should cost money. Finding a person to help you with things is going to cost lots of money. You could be tempted to cut some corners. It is more than likely that you are planning to be trying to figure out at least a number of different ways that you can cut costs but sometimes doing this can hurt you. You could easily get extremely hurt. Your greatest risk comes if you allow yourself violate the laws that surround and protect copyright and intellectual property. Here are a number of examples of this.

Stealing website models. It is one thing to get a no cost theme for your website as well as to work with a free website builder. Totally taking someone else’s design, however, is not wise. Obviously the internet is vast and the chance that the original designer ever finds out about your theft is small, but it does not mean you should chance it. If you truly love the design and want to use it for yourself, just contact the designer or the owner of the website and ask for permission to either utilize that design on your own site or blog or ask the designer if he or she could put together a new design for you (be sure to ask for the price).

Putting up graphics and pictures not having authorization. Just because you find a graphic or photo during a Google image search does not necessarily mean that that graphic or photo is part of the public domain. When Google indexes an image, they set up a url to the first website on which that image is found. There’s no problem with this. Using the artwork or photo on your site without getting permission from the creator or owner, however, is a infringement of copyright law. If the owner finds out, you could get sued. Always speak to the image owner first for authorization to work with the image. You may be charged some money but it is guaranteed to be less than you would have to pay after getting sued. If your resources are low, you can always hunt for free images or images published with the Creative Commons licenses that allow people to use images commercially. It’s acceptable for the open public to use those.

Stealing another person’s published written content. If you want to use another person’s content on your own website, it is crucial that you give credit to the original author. If you duplicate the content from another website, it is important to link back to that site. This will let you get the first creator to like you. If you do not give credit or hyperlinks to the original author, you can get in huge trouble for copyright infringement and intellectual property theft. These cost a lot more than you’ll pay an individual to generate original content for you or the links from your site to the original.

It is always better to err on the side of caution in terms of building your business. While you need to not spend as much, make sure that these savings are obtained legally. If you don’t the cost to your bottom line is going to be much harsher than it might have been otherwise.


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