High Tech Laptops at Nominal Cost to Take Away

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New age laptops are a significantly different from the earlier versions. These laptops are equipped with the latest offerings from the software and hardware-manufacturing giants, and the price has gone significantly low as well. Elegant service, accompanied with true value for money is the signature feature for these new age models, and Samsung is leading the race with all these. And www.rightgadgets.in/items_subcat.asp?Category=Laptops_India_Online&cid=3&brand=Samsung is the address from RightGadgets.In to get these all. Samsung believes in offering more and more specifications at lower prices, and some of the models are within the range of a well-specified desktop. One can consider the model Samsung laptop R517 in this regard. Coming at a price of around 25k, after discount, this model offers Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, 250 GB SATA Hard Disk with 5400 rpm fan speed, and 2GB RAM, and this combination is powerful enough to run the machine at an incredible speed. Besides the usual application software, this model is featured with Adobe Reader, Easy Battery Manager, Easy Display Manager, Easy Network Manager, Microsoft Works, Easy Resolution Manager, Easy Speedup Manager, Samsung Support Center, Samsung Update Plus to make the operation a real pleasure for then user. Besides, this model is constituted with in built McAfee anti virus, another additional reason for the user to have a real go at it. Other models belonging to Samsung Laptop NP-N310 series have more or less similar features, and belong to the same price range, a clear value contributor to the client’s invested money. For models with more features with advance level features, one can try models like Samsung Laptop NP-R470, Samsung Laptop NP-R420, Samsung Laptop NP-R518, Samsung Laptop NP-Q310, Samsung Laptop NP-R460, Samsung Laptop NP-R610, Samsung Laptop NP-X460 and several other models with varying specifications and varying price ranges. The user can get the shopping further feasible with the price range denoting slider that www.rightgadgets.in hasin its respective Samsung genre.With its high-end technical exposure to the exiting appliances, clearly offerings from Samsung are marching on the trade. After the utility purpose gadgets and appliances, the need of the hour was to concentrate on computer, and this consideration resulted the new age laptops for your purpose. Featured with the latest offerings from the software and hardware giants, clearly Samsung laptops are a winning combination for you. Just a drive onto www.rightgadgets.in/items_subcat.asp?Category=Laptops_India_Online&cid=3&brand=Samsung brings them before you. Yet again, it’s an offer from RightGadgets.In you cant a give a miss.


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