The Historic Eminence of Breeder's Cup – World Equestrian Family Preps Up

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While Triple Crown may be the attractive and selling face of the world horse racing scene and may almost be loved by every horse racing enthusiast, when it comes to serious devoted racing, the complete equestrian fraternity will agree that Breeder’s Cup is in its true sense the real challenge and truly a ‘Test of the Champions’. A two day event, the tournament’s outlay ranges to a staggering $26 million with $5million purse set for Breeder’s Classic alone.

The 2011 Breeder’s Cup shall take place on November 4th and 5th on the traditional Churchill Downs race track that has been granted this grand money wagering event a consecutive year after 2010. The racetrack which already is a dedicated Kentucky Derby venue, is recognized as the most famous and audience drawing venue and has been iconic long before the Breeder’s started.  The Churchill Downs emerged as a concrete revenue generating track that organizes the two most eminent thoroughbred races of the year along with several other race meets and simulcast wagering events.

Synonymous with the greatest sports events, Breeder’s Cup is the most prominent thoroughbred racing event and also potentially the biggest payday for every player from the equestrian discipline. The grand tournament that also awards the Horse of the Year title was seconded as the biggest payday only by the Dubai World Cup that wagers $21 million in a single day compared to the 2 day Breeder’s Cup affair. Comprising of a total of 14 races with as many as 12 entrees each, qualification for the races is conducted on Entry Level Challenge Races also famously known as “Win and You’re In”.

With 6 races held on the first day, a Friday and 8 races on Saturday, the most significant and synonymous with Breeder’s Cup tournament races, the Breeder’s Cup Turf and the Breeder’s Cup Classic with a purse of $3million and $5 million respectively are held as the closing and final races to mark the event closure. The significance of Breeder’s Cup is unquestionably by far the most difficult to answer. With probabilities to turn mere prospects into prime attractions for the Triple Crown next year, the older three year old category and four attain a celebrity image and carve a special niche for themselves as future siring legends too.

Additionally Breeder’s Cup two day affairs also prove to be the ‘make or break’ days for many a bettors. With such huge payouts on horses, the bets won guarantee huge returns. And while most experienced bettors are hooked on to the solid performers, the casual bettors often win Jackpots with sudden impromptu victories by the underdogs.

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