Love Above All..

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A simple 4 letter word that makes people all around the world think the most.People who have it probably consider themselves as the most luckiest people in the world.And after all why shouldn’t they.It is the most beautiful feeling of all.The LOVE, the ATTENTION ,the CARE and most importantly TIME that two people share during this amazing journey called love cannot be compared to anything else. Falling in love is easy..just look into her eyes, hold her tight, and tell her that you love her..and say it so as she knows that what she looking at is not an illusion or a mid night dream..but a reality..But the tough part comes when it is time to keep up to this reality..Its love when you tell her that you love her after many years with the same passion so that one feels as to fall in love all over again.but why does it become so hard for two people to share the same kind of love all along their life..?? Probably because their PRIORITIES change, because you consider yourself too old for expreesing that love ?..This is unfare..UNFARE to the person you love and most importantly to you too..In our generation, we can be talking on the phone on one side and driving on the other and also watching the road..Well that’s hell of a job..!!..People have mastered in multi-tasking..Then why it is that love is left behind all..??..A LITTLE TIME is all it to keep thing alive the way they were supposed to be..Share a little time with your patner..give a little attention..after all that person gave you the biggest and the most wonderfull gift of your life..that is the other person’s life..People do not share their life, their soul just to be cornered from one’s life after a while..People do that cause they do not want to share this with anyone else..beacuse they do not have that much of faith and trust over anyone else..ANd this is all because they are in LOVE..

I know Life moves on,,people grow old..they start their families,,they get busy with kids..they are running for money..but do you think that it’s time that you sit down and think about the one thing missing in your life..Sitting and talking to your wife..or maybe taking her out for dinner..People should do something to keep their love alive..because in the due course of time love changes into resposibilities..Even a small gesture can help to lead your life alot better with your patner..This is something everyone already knows but do not realise it when time is still there.. 


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