Thinking is The Real Power

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thinking is real power all humans gifted to us by the god , here i will tell you about the thinking, thinking is like tool when operated in a right way it will lead towards a good event but if thinking is negative the return of that is going to be negative. so we should be carefull in developing our thinking because god has gifted everyone with same power of thinking who makes it good or bad are we ourself

what thinking really is?

thinking is the greatest power of the human beings which differentiates homosapiens from all other creatures in this world, god has created each and every thing with cent percent care towards every element and its role in the living world , in this way god gifted us with wonderfull power of thinking to make changes and think for the welfare of all living beings .in this world their is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so, if we think that “this particular thing is good then it will be good for us, but if we think negation for that then it will be so.
a persons view towards a particular thing gives a significant value of that thing let us take an example many of us consider watching television is bad because its our thinking that we are bothering about the negative face of it only , but many of us consider watching television is good because they consider the positive part of it that is they can gather knowledge and will be up to date with current events
i remember a great quote — heights by a great man is not only reached and kept by sudden flight
but when their companion slept they where toiling upward in the night
this quote states or portrays the thinking of great men to achieve their goal, we have many examples like mahatma Gandhi, sir Issac newton , Einstein , Karl Marx , barack obama and many more who became what they are now only because of their positive thinking , similarly negative thinking makes us negative we can see examples from past such as mohd gauri,gazanavi, and in present bin laden, and many more because of their negative thinking they became negative imprints in the society
its thinking only which makes and destroys everything, its thinking which leads towards the discovery of anything, in the next moment the very thinking itself destroys that, its because of thinking that a simple human becomes great like Buddha, or Gandhi or becomes a dirt in the society like terrorists
so adopt a positive thinking because that only will lead you and your nation towards success


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