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What Did You StumbleUpon

Looking at StumbleUpon up close, you will see its slight resemblance to search engines like Google in a way that it gives you thousands of results for your interests. But the thing is, it is actually more than that. Unlike Google and Yahoo, StumbleUpon is literally what it means. You click on the “Stumble!” button on the upper left hand corner of your page and it will automatically give you random results of the things that it thinks you might just be interested in, by asking you first what you like then pouring out the content to you. This is why StumbleUpon and Facebook are alike on so many levels. Both StumbleUpon and Facebook use the “like” button on their sites for two key reasons: 1) for you to see and read more about the things that interest you and 2) so that you can filter out the things that you don’t like so much.

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has been the number one web traffic driver to various sites all over the internet. But just last month (June 2011), StumbleUpon just took the top spot. Many say it won’t be long until Facebook takes on the reigns again but StumbleUpon has been working on various deals that will take on even the mobile web by storm.

StumbleUpon and Facebook are both great ways in finding out and exploring new sites that are sure to get your attention. These two sites let you know that there are other people out there who share the same interests as you. To make you realize that you’re not alone in this world and to let you know you’re not so boring after all. But ever since it’s reacquisition in 2007 by its original owners, StumbleUpon has been quietly working away from the limelight to give you more quality content that you are sure to like.

So Facebook better watch out and be on its toes, looks like they now have a very formidable competitor in their hands. Because with the way StumbleUpon has been performing recently, things are just about to get better.


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