God is The Answer to Everything

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god -the name itself is unknown but everyone knows it , yes its truth that nobody has seen god , but still he is known to everyone , by bearing secrets of the universe. god is the supreme power , here i will reveal about him , even though defining him is not possible but still i will try , really god is of that level that we call him god

GOD- the ultimate answer

we know that creation of universe , planets , stars and life in this planet and or on any planet is by some unknown power ,the power that pervades or transcends all other things not only in the is world , not only in this universe but even in that unknown supreme place where all of it exists .
from a small zygote to nourishing life from a small seed to a giant tree , even in pillars ,stones, air, mountains, ,everywhere in everything , whatever we have seen or are going top see , he pervades everywhere , we cannot see him but can feel his presence
its a big question only , that god exists or not? but then what that power is who made all of us , who is the zeal of everything, then we can say that power is god.
there are many who believes in him and there are many say equal number of people who negates his presence but whenever any unfavorable thing happens we calls him for aid , everyone calls him , even without knowing he is there or not , but still we pray in a hope that he will make us to come out of any calamity
we prays every day to a power that is unknown , but still it yields results , we get some sorts of satisfaction by a simple prayer, and that satisfaction only gives us the power to face any situation .
he is answer to all events in this world , he is the cause , he is the destiny, he is the ultimate answer, he is GOD

GOD- the supreme power

god is the supreme power ,we can feel , how great he is , by seeing the beauty of the world , beauty of a child’s smile , beauty of spring, melody of nightingale , everywhere he persist
god is not christian nor he is hindu nor muslim , he doesn’t belongs to any religion , he is same for everyone , he is noble and the greatest father who is the noble creator and the ultimate destroyer
we foolish humans only divided him , hindu called him ram , muslim called him rahim, christians called him jesus.
but he is same , and by knowing this the saints called him the noble truth.
he is the ultimate truth, he is the reason behind every deeds

where he is?

but the question that arise , if god exists , then why one person is happy other sad , why one person is flourishing under prosperity and other is ready to give up.??????????????????
the answer what i can give for this is , everyone is equal in his eyes , he never do any discrimination with any one , he makes everyone to enjoy everything . if he makes one happy , he only will make him sad only to make him realize the real happiness,if a person is sad he will make him happy, this cycle goes on , if not in this life but he will give you everything at least in next life .
he do all these things only to define us the real meaning of life

presense of god

presense of god in itself is a big question , but he is ……… in the vastness of universe . in the smile of a baby , in every beauty , he is present . we have got several proof of his presence in holy books like RAMAYANA, MAHABHARAT, KURAN , BIBLE AND MANY HOLY ONES.
and because of his presence only we are present , we cannot predict where , how and in which form he is present , but we can feel him everywhere , he is the truth , he is the power who trancends over everything
but the question that finally arises is how and when we can see him but……………………………………… this question seems to be be a thing that is impossible
if god is present then where he is he???????????? for me answering this is quit impossible but in a general way we can say that he is every where.


there are several religions, HINDUISM… ISLAM…..CHRISTIANITY ……….AND MANY MORE .

many great persons born , have done some good things , were successfull in getting huge followers , but they haven’t done anything to be called as god , they have no right to start their own religion by making themselves as god , they are just simple humans not god we can call them saints but not gods
our dirty divisions into religions is of no use by following any religion other than humanism is making as far and far from god.
god has created earth with his supreme powers but he himself was amazed by his wonderfull creation, he also might not know why he created us but he might be satisfied with his creation . but our dirty deeds now reaally made him to cry as a result of which only we are facing these calmities , because ………………. he pays rewards according to our deeds that is good for good and bad for bad and we know on which category our deeds belongs to ….
so we should try to become real human so we can make our noble father happy



god being everything is the biggest question in the universe
so we can define him
yes because he is knowingly unknown to us but he only is the ultimate answer to it , to everything, he is the greatest of greatest , most noble, he is our father , we all are his wards , so pray to him , one day he will listen to us and will make us prosperous


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