Holy Places in Bulgaria Part 3

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This is the third part of the topic Holy Places in Bulgaria

51. Strupets Monastery,St. Elias Church,Strupets village,Roman Municipality,Vratsa Region

52.St.Nicholas Church,Tsarevets village,Mezdra Municipality,Vratsa Region (INTERESTING:built iconostasis)

53. St. John Pusti Monastery-6km from the Bistrets residential district,Vratsa

54.Cherepish monastery,Assumption of the Tehotokos,Lyutibrod village,Mezdra town,Vratsa Region

55.Assumption of the Theotokos Monastery-6km from the Batoshevo village,Sevlievo Municipality

56.Theotokos Monastery,Batoshevo village,Sevlievo Municipality,Gabrovo region

57.Sokolski Monastery of the assumption of the Theotokos,Gabrovo town

58.Rock Monastery,Trapanata area,Balik village,Tervel Municipality,Dobrich region

59. Rock Monastery,Shayan kaya area,Onogur village,Tervel Municipality,Dobrich Region

60. St. Elias Monastery-3 km from the village Aleksandria,Krushari Municipality,Dobrich region

61.Assumption of the Theotokos Church,Gledka residential district,Kardzhali

62.St.John the Forerunner Monastery,Veselchane residential district,Kardzhali town

63.The Theotokos Queen of Heaven,with symbols from the Old Testament,Pchelina Convent,Rila Monastery

64.St.Lucka Monastery-4 km from the Granitsa village Municipality,Kyustendil Region

65.St.Dimetrios Monastery- 8 km from the boboshevo town,Kyustendil Region

66.Orlitsa Convent,Rila town,Kyustendil Region

67.Resilovski Monastery of Theotokos the Protectress,Resilovo village,Dupnitsa Municipality

68.Rila Monastery of St, John of Rila,Nativity of the Theotokos Church,Skrino village,Boboshevo Municipality,Kyustendil Region

69.St. Michael the Archangel Monastery-2 km from the Kalugerovo village,Pravets Municipality

70.Glozhene Monastery of ST. George the Victorious,Glozhene village,Lovetch Region

71.Troyan Monastery, the Theotokos Church,Oreshak village,Troyan Municipality,Lovech Region

72.Holy Trinity Monastery,Nova Mahala residential district,Apriltsi Municipality,Lovech Region

73.Etropole Monastery of the Holy Trinity-12 km from the Etropole town,Lovech region

74.The Assumption of the Theotokos Monastery,Karlukovo village,Lukovit Municipality,Lovech Region

75.Pravets Monastery of St. Theodore Tirony-2km from the Pravets,Lovech Region

76.Teteven Monastery,St. Elias the Profit Church,Tteven town,Lovech Region

77.St.John the Forerunner Monastery,Georgi Damyanovo village,Montana Region

78.St.John of Rila Monastery,Chiprovci town, Montana Region

79.Sts.Cyril and Methodius Monastery,Barzia village,Berkovitsa Municipality,Montana Region

80.St. Demetrios Church,Patalenitsa village,Pazardzhik Region

81.St. Nicolas Monastery,Kalugerovo village,Lesichovo Municipality,Pazardzhik Region

82.St.Nedelya Church,Batak town,Pazardzhik Region

83.St.Nicolas Monastery,Kladnitsa village,Dragichevo Municipality,Pernik Region

84.St.John the Forerunner-2km from the village of Zhablyano,Zemen Municipality

85.Holy Forty martyrs Monastery,Leva reka village,Tran Municipality,Pernik Region

86.Ascension of our Lord Monastery,Gorna Vrabcha village,Pernik Region

87. Zemen Monastery,St.John the Theologian Church,Zemen town,Pernik Region

88.St.George Church,Studena village,Pernik Region

89.St,Petka Church,Penkyovtsi village,Pernik Region

90.Chernogorski Monastery of Sts.Cosmas and Damian,Gigintsi village,Pernik Region

91.Sts. Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery,Odranitsa village,Zemen Municipality,Pernik Region

92.Oryahovo Monastery of St.Nicolas,Peshtera village,Zemen Municipality,Pernik Region

93.Holy Trinity Monastery,radibosh village,radomir Municipality,Pernik Region

94.St. Elias the Profit Monastery,Chepino village,Kovachevtsi Municipality,Pernik Region

95.St. petka Muldavska Monastery,Muldava village,Asenovgrad Municipality,Plovdiv Region

96.Kuklenski Monastery of Sts. Cosmas and Damian, Plovdiv Region

97.St.Kirik and Yulita Monastery,Gorni Voden village,Asenovgrad Municipality,Plovdiv Region

98.Asen`s Fortress,the Theotokos of Petrich Church,Asenovgrad Municipality, Plovdiv Region

99.Bachkovo Monastery of the Theotokos,Bachkovo village,Plovdiv Region

100.Arapovo Monastery,St.Nedelya,Zlatovrah village, Asenovgrad Municipality,Plovdiv Region

101.Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery-5 km from the town Kalofer,Plovdiv Region

102.Presentation of the Theotokos Monastery,Kalofer town,Plovdiv Region

103.St.George the Victorious Monastery,Belashtitsa village,Rodopi Municipality,Plovdiv Region

104.Assumption of the Theotokos Monastery-3 km from the town Krichim,Plovdiv Region

105.Big Nisovo Rock Monastery,Nisovo village,Rousse Region

106.Karan Varbovka Monastery of St. Marina,Karan Vurbovka village, Rousse Region

107. St. Demetrios of Basarbovo Rock Monastery,Basarbovo village,Rousse Region

108. Rock Monastery of the Theotokos,Ivanovo village,Rousse Region

109.The Protecting Veil of the Mother of God Monastery,Aydemir village,Silistra Municipality

110.St.George Monastery,Sliven town

111.Krastova gora,Holy Trinity Monastery,Borovo villaage,Lucky Municipality,Smolyan Region

112.St.Athanasius the Great Monastery,Chokmanovo village,Smolyan Municipality

113. St. Panteleymon Monastery-the Raykovi livadi area, Smolyan Municipality

114.The Theotokos Monastery -4km from the village Eleshnits,Buhovo Municipality,Sofia Region

115.St.Michael the Archangel Monastery-3km from the village Kokalyane,Sofia Municipality

116.Holy Trinity Monastery, Marchaevo village, Sofia

117.Razboishte Monastery, the Theotokos Church,Razboishte village,Godech Municipality,Sofia

118.Dragalevtsi Monastery,the Theotokos Church,Dragalevtsi residential district,Sofia

119.Ascension of our Lord Monastery,Lozen residential district,Sofia

120.The  Church of the Monastery of sts.Apostles Peter and Paul,Lozen residential district,Sofia

121. Holy Transfiguration of our Lord,St. Panteleimon Church,Boyana residential district,Sofia

121.St.Sophia Church and St.Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral,Sofia

122.The Seven Altar Tables Monastery, the Theotokos,Gabrovnitsa village,Svoge Municipality,Sofia Region

123.Kremikovtsi Monastery,Sofia

124.St.George the Victorious Monastery,Tuden village,Godech Municipality,Sofia Region

125.Holy Trinity Monastery- 4km from the Mihalovo residentil district,Sofia

126.Holy Spring and St.Nicolas Monastery,Malo Malovo village,Dragoman Municipality

127.ST. Michael the Archangel Monastery-2 km from the village Shuma,Godech Municipality,Sofia Region

128.the Theotokos Monastery,Iskrets village,Svoge town,Sofia Region

129.Ascention of our Lord monastery-7 km from the Alino village,Sofia Region

130. Sts. Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery-3 km from the Dolni Pasarel village,Sofia

131.St.George Church-the Rotonda,Sofia

132.Monastery of Holy Forty Martyrs,Vrachesh village,Botevgrad Municipality, Sofia Region

133.Rock Monastery ,Bozhenitsa village,Botevgrad Municipality

134.St.John of rila Monastery- 3km from the village German,Sofia

135.St.Elias Monastery,Kazanlak town,Stara Zagora Region

136.St.George Church,Lyubenova Mahala village,Municipality of Nova Zagora,Stara Zagora region

137.St.Nicolas Monastery-2km from the Maglish town,Stara Zagora Region

138.Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery-6km from the town of Ivaylovgrad,Haskovo Region

139.Holy Mother of God Monastery,Dobrich village,Dimitrovgrad Municipality,Haskovo Region

140.Rock Church-2 km from the village Matochina,Svilengrad Municipality

141. Rock Church-1 km from the village Mihalich,Svilengrad Municipality,Haskovo Region

142.Holy Trinity Monastery,Ustrem village,Topolovgrad Municipality,Haskovo Region

Of course, there could be some other places but I tried to mention the most well-known Holy places in this country.


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