Holy Places in Bulgaria Part 2

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Summer is  time not only for relaxing but also to experience something new and to learn more about historical or holy places. There are many holy places in Bulgaria.People go there to be closer to God, to get power,strength and to go on living much better. There is a list of such places and everyone can visit them.

1.God Sabaoth,Nativity of the Theotokos (Holy Mother of God) Church,Rila Monastery

2. St.Michael the Archangel Monastery,Brestovo village,Simitli Municipality,Blagoevgrad Region

3.St.Petka Monastery,Petrich town, Blagoevgrad Region

4.Presentation of the Theotokos Church,Varosha residential district,Blagoevgrad town

5.St. Panteleimon Monastery-Obidim village,Bansko Municipality,Blagoevgrad Region

6.St. George Monastery,Gega village,Petrich Municipality,Blagoevgrad Region

7. Rozhen Monastery of the Theotokos,Rozhen village,Melnik Municipality,Blagoevgrad Region

8.St.George the Victorious Monastery,Hadjidimovo town,Blagoevgrad Region

9.Sts. Cosmas and Damian Monastery,Sandanski town, Blagoevgrad Region

10.Zhivopremniy source Monastery,Gotse Delchev town, Blagoevgrad Region

11.St. Elias Monastery,Gorna Breznitsa village,Kresna Municipality,Blagoevgrad Region

12. Christ Almighty Church,Nessebar town,Bourgas Region

14. St. Athanasius Church,Bulgarovo Municipality,Bourgas Region(More than 300 Bulgariand and Greeks were beheaded in the church by the Turkish enslavers)

15.Sts. Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery-3 km from the Zlatar village, Smiydovo, Shumen Region

16.St. Aleksander Nevski Monastery,Chargan village,Jambol Municipality

17.Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery,Kabille village,Yambol Region

18. Madara Rock Monastery and the Madara Rider

19. St. Panteleimon Rock Monastery,Madara village,Shumen Region

20. The Golden Church,Veliki Preslav town, Shumen Region

21. Assumption of the Theotokos Cathedral,Varna City

22. Rock Monastery,Kanarata area(Rock ossuary,Monks` cells,the Head),Royak village,Dalgopol Municipality,Varna Region

23. St. Panteleimon Monastery in the Patleyna area,Veliki Preslav town, Shumen Regiojn

24.Osmar Rock Monastery,area of Osmarski Boaz,Osmar vilalge,Shumen Region

25. Rock Monastery in the area of Sedemte dupki,Petrov Dol village,Provadia Municipality,Varna Region
26.Rock Monastery,Shashkanite area,Provadia town,Varna Region

27.Aladzha Rock Monastery of Holy Trinity,Varna city,on the way to Zlatni pyasatsi

28.St.Panteleimon Monastery,Prisovo village,Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

29.Holy Forty Martyrs Monastery, Merdania village,Lyaskovets Municipality,Veliko Tarnovo Region

30.Holy Forty Martyrs Church-Asenova MAhala residential district,Veliko Tarnovo town

31.St. Michael the Archangel Monastery-3 km from the town of Debelets,Veliko Tarnovo Region

32.St. Elias Monastery,Gorna Oryahovitsa town, Veliko Tarnovo Region

33.St. Demetrios Church,Asenova Mahala residential district,Veliko Tarnovo town

34.Holy Trinity Monastery-7km from Veliko Tarnovo town,on the way to Samovodene village

35. The church of the holy Trinity Monastery,Veliko Tarnovo

36.Holy Transfiguration Monastery-7 km from Veliko Tarnovo,on the way to Byala town

37. Kapinovo Monastery of St. Nicolas,Kapinovo village, Veliko Tarnovo Region

38.St. Nicolas Monastery,Arbanassi village, Veliko Tarnovo Municipality

39. Sts. Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery,Lyaskovets town,Veliko Tarnovo Region

40.Sts. Archangels Michael and Gabriel Church,Arbanassi village,Veliko Tarnovo Municipality (FRESKI:The Theotokos wider than the heavens; Christ Emmanuel-Great Wisdom of god;)God,the Father of Lights;the Holy Spirit and the Book of Life)

41.Plachkovo Monastery of St. Elias the Profit,Velchovo village,near Kilifarevo town, Veliko Tarnovo Region

42.Nativity of the Theotokos Monastery-5 km from the Kilifarevo town,Veliko Tarnovo Region

43. Holy Transfiguration Monastery of our Lord,Svishtov town,Veliko Tarnovo Region

44.St.Michael the Archangel Monastery-4 km from the town of Dryanovo,Veliko Tarnovo Region

45.Holy Trinity Monastery-3 km from Rakovitsa village,Kula Municipality,Vidin Region

46.Holy Trinity Monastery,Dobri dol village,Lom Municipality,Vidin region

47.Assumption of the Theotokos Monastery,Izvor village,Dimovo Municipality,Vidin region

48.Albotinski rock Monastery of Holy Ascension-1km from the Rabrovo village,Vidin Region

49.St. John the Forerunner Monastery,Gradeshnitsa village,Krivodol Municipality,Vratsa Region

50.St. Michael the Archangel Monastery,Dolna Beshovitsa,Roman Municipality,Vratsa Region


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