American Money Trickling Into Selfish Hands

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The economy of this noble country has been put into trouble by a few rich people. American money is trickling into unredeemable ditches by some selfish hands which most of the people of the country do not accept.

The economic policies of the country are framed by a few and for a few at the expense of the many, that the entire government has been turned into a machine which takes the wealth of a mass of Americans and accelerates it into the hands of the few. Congressman Dennis Kucinich says that American’s wealth has been stolen by a few and the rancorous debate over the debt is just to divert the attention.

1) Money drained through war

Kucinich points out that war takes the money from the American people and puts it into the hands of arms manufacturers, war profiteers, and private armies. He lists out the cost of war in Iraq was $3 trillion, the war expenses in Afghanistan, based on a misreading of history has already become half a trillion dollars and the war against Libya will be $1 billion by September.

2) Massive wealth in the hands of a few

The Congressman reports that fifty percent of American discretionary spending goes for the Pentagon and a massive transfer of wealth into the hands of a few, while the American people lack sufficient jobs, health care, housing and retirement security.

3) Energy policy consumes a considerable amount

The energy policies of the US take the wealth from the people and put it into the hands of the oil companies. It is estimated that the oil price will increase to $150 a barrel in the near future.

4) The environmental policy takes away a huge sum

The environmental policy of the government takes the wealth of the people – clean air, clean water – and puts it in the hands of the polluters. Kucinich accuses that it is just a transfer of wealth, not only from the present but also from future generations as the environment is ruined and polluted.

5) Insurance companies divert a lot

Another form of money diversion is through the insurance companies. They simply take the wealth from the American people in terms of what they charge people for health insurance and they put it into the hands of the few.

A high time to analyze the Federal Reserve Act of 1913

Time has come to open the eyes and realize what this country’s economy has become. The monetary policy, through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, privatized the money supply, gathers the wealth from all sources and puts it in the hands of the few while the Federal Reserve can create money out of nothing. As a result, small businesses are starving for capital. Unless something positive is done at this stage the economic condition of the condition may fall into an abysmal crater.


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