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If you are traveling to London, chances are there that you are about to discover the

best things to do and see what they are exactly. During any break in the capital, a trip to

some of the best museums of the city is an absolute necessity – but with many choices,it is

difficult to choose which one to try
I would like to help you with the the top five museums. Of course, before entering into

his rest – whether a family trip, romantic getaway or a holiday with friends – you have to

reserve certain facilities. If you are looking for a comfortable and elegant, why not

choose from the many 4 star hotels in London? Knightsbridge Hotels and Hotels in

Westminster are among the many excellent facilities – and are close to some of the best

museums in the capital
Perhaps one of the main attractions to visit during a trip to London, the British Museum

is famous for being the first national museum public. Founded in 1753, now about six

million people passes  through its doors each year, to look at the many exhibitions around

the world. The  extensive collection has been expanded recently, with some additional

departments, including the Chinese ceramics and also the clocks are  introduced. Another

national treasure, is the British Library. It  is also among the  top attraction in London

– and that can appeal to aficionados of such literature. It is most famous for being the

national library of Britain, but it also houses interesting exhibitions. In fact, among the

galleries, you will discover there are those dedicated to calligraphy, bookbinding and

stamps, then you’ll also have the chance to learn how ancient artifacts housed here is the

The British Library is also the  home to some of the most important documents written

and printed in the world, such as the Magna Carta and Shakespear, First Folio.
Alternatively, you can head to South Kensington, the Science Museum to find a loved one.

This vast collection of exhibits appeal to all ages, from areas of activities designed for

children as well as galleries of fascinating exhibits perfect for adults. While you are

here, you can learn to do in the modern world, the development of aviation, space,

psychology, and much more. Museum of Natural History is located a few steps, and is just as

exciting in terms of variety of art galleries, exhibitions and activities offered. Here you

can learn exactly everything about nature, life, dinosaurs and how our senses are lost

precious jewels.
At the same time you also will also have the chance to explore the museum’s newest

addition –something  much more than expected, that is the Darwin Centre. This is a eight-

story building which is  full of state-of-the-art science objects, citizens, scientists and

a thrilling spectacle in the workplace. As the Science Museum, this attraction is very

amazing to offer for children, which is on display, and areas specifically designed to help

young people in their findings. Alternatively, you may want to make a trip to London, one

of the least known museums, in which case, the Cartoon Museum Holborn can not complain.

This quirky collection traces the history of British comics, cartoons and animations 18 th

century to the present day.
London has some of the worl’s most famous museums, including the magnificent Natural

History Museum, the Museum of Science, the British Museum, Design Museum and Tate Modern.

There are also smaller, more specialized (or shall we say eccentric) museums like the

Museum of Sherlock Holmes for lovers of literature. Many museums are free admission, which

is a rare event in an expensive city like London.
London can offer the best entertainment in the world and, above all, live entertainment

at its best. Stars all over the world come here and perform in the capital London, which is

seen in home entertainment. All shows feature the best acting talent available, main

actors, actors, film / film actors of our time See the shows as The Sound of Music, Wicked,

Blood Brothers, Hamlet, Mamma Mia, Chicago, War Horse, Mary Poppins, Oliver, Joseph, Lion

King, Dirty Dancing, High School Musical, Grease with a number of other shows, there are

large and small theaters around the city. And it is possible to visit a different show

every night stay in London and enjoy every moment of the atmosphere, which is available.
Or enjoy a live musical, comedy or stand-up show with some of the biggest stars of the day,

Will Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard, French and Saunders, young, Robin Williams, Ray Lamontagne,

Paul McCartney, Elton John , Pink, Barry Manilow, Steve Coogan, Lionel Richie, Cliff

Richard, Metallica, Coldplay and Will Young. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime, always

offering more durable memories for you and your family and children, whist visiting the

hustle and bustle of London’s West End and see the stars today, and also the stars of



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