Why Schools Are Following Traditional Admission Process

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The very thought of school admissions, is enough to give parents nightmares. Right from searching for schools and getting details of the schools in the region,  to filling up school forms waiting in queues for their turn, visiting schools again to submit them, manage documents and interview schedules, all these are far too much for the modern parent. Then for submitting the same, you have to visit the school again and have to wait for your turn standing in queues. Sometimes, it takes several hours wait for the same a whole day from work, trying to meet the demands that different schools have and again wait for their turn standing in queues. This was a glimpse of the Traditional admission process that some parents who haven’t heard of onlineschooladmissions.com still follow. The crux of the matter is that when everything these days from pizza deliveries to mobile recharges can be done online, why can’t school admissions also be done online?

Online School Admissions is India’s premier website for parents that offer’s parents with a wonderful option of submission of admission forms online. This service is extended to parents seeking nursery or preschool admissions for their kids to those seeking admissions to higher classes right from nursery to Class XII. The website allows you to search for a list of schools in Bangalore on the basis of factors such as the school’s name, school type, affiliation of school class location, zip code, medium of instruction and miscellaneous facilities like hostel, library, play ground, labs, etc. The parents can buy, fill and submit the form online for a school located anywhere in India, from anywhere else within no time. These services are extended to parents 24X7, with easy payment options, with regard to paying the admission form fee.

It barely takes 30 minutes to fill the form online when compared to the traditional procedure which would take two days. Parent’s can also save a working day in the bargain and probably enjoy a holiday when the admission is done. Parents can also avoid the rush for forms and be updated with a confirmatory SMS when the fee is transferred. Online School Admissions also schedules the interview with the schools of your choice and mails the details to the parents’ email ID. Now, the point is, why would people want to use a Pager when they can use a cellphone? Or should we say why are schools still following the traditional admission processwhenOnline School Admissions has arrived on the scene?


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