Web Design – Revolution in World

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Web design is the recent revolution in the world of internet.Nowdays every thing seems to be a part of the internet world. We are living more in a virtual world than in the real world. In case an individual wishes to bring his/her business online and take advantage of the the huge sales opportunities it is very much essential to set up a web page for the purpose. As the first step for business is setting up a webpage and the attract visitor. In order to have  good webpage the essentiality of the web design is very much important .It is a web design that can actually set your webpage apart from the rest. It is a good web design that can makes the huge difference between the success and the failure in the world of internet 
It is essential that we know exactly what the term web design means .However we find numerous opinion from many expert. To some it is the unique creation of the digital environments that helps or assist in the facilitation and also plays an important role in  encouraging the  human activity. It very much reflects or tends to adapt to an individuals voice and content. It has the unique ability to change gracefully over the period of time and at the same time retaining the identity.
The other group believes that it is the general term that is used to describe the various task  that usually involves  in creating an unique webpage .They also includes that the web mostly consists of the numerous pages ,this the ability to present the information with the help of various technologies and also with the links .They are together termed as the hyperlinks  .
The  two basic aspects of the  web pages that are found on the Internet are :First the  presentation that an usually user interacts with. They are mostly  visually in nature. The second one is the backend that mostly includes the information for the non human browsers .
After getting a view of what exactly a web desuign is now we will go in to some more details
There are two types of language that are used in web design
The HTML also known as the Hyper Text Markup Language .
The XHTML better known as the Extensible HyperText Markup Language.
The HTML is responsible for informing the browser regarding presenting an information .The XHTML is a much more  stricter version It is by using both the language that a web designer is able to tell exactly how a webpage should appear.
The HTML has the availability of numerous factors .Among them the most significant is that all the browser do not interpret the HTML .There are chances that it might appear completely different in other.
Languages that are used: 1. HTML – HyperText Markup Language 2. XHTML – eXtensible HyperText Markup Language HTML tells a browser how to present information while XHTML is the stricter version. Using both languages a web designer It is up to a graphic designers who can pertain knowledge regarding how large  must the piece of paper that is being  printed will be.
It can undoubtedly said that the growth of this market is humungous.Over the past few year  the growth rate is around 30%.The web has become almost a tool for communication
Another factor that is responsible for the growth is the advent of e-commerce. This introduction has been a positive point in the growth of the web design .The examples are the E bay and the Amazon .This websites has actually changed the concept of buying and transacting goods.
Apart from that with the evolution of various tools of the web design the process of designing a webpage has become much easier too.


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