Why Nose Right Works

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does the Nose magic tool really work as it says it does?

Im not a doctor of any kind, just a small town girl in florida wanting to boost my confident, and I came across nose magic on the google search engine. I have a really big nose and have been looking for a nose job alternative for years. I am server at a small restaurant in my hometown and have to pay for school and rent so I really don’t have money for a nose job. I came accross this thing called the nose magic which promise to make my nose smaller and thin without the pain and the thousands of dollars of a nose job in about two weeks to a month. I didn’t do a lot of research, I just jumped right on the opportunity to get a smaller nose. I know everybody reading this is wondering does nose magic really deliver on its promises? well let me tell you about this nose magic tool; nose magic is a scam and it doesn’t work at all, you can wear it all day, everyday, daytime or nightnime it will not work. It makes it hard to breath, it really irritated my nose and I just couldnt wear it anymore. I was also allergic to the cheap plastic they make the product with. I want my money back but they wouldn’t even give me that back along with the little confidence that I had. now my confidence is lower and I lost a few bucks that I could really use right now. I went back to google and really researched this time and found a product called the nose right which lift my nose, thin it out and breaks out the cartillage that made that hump on my nose. I am very happy with my results and now I can get a better job at hooters or better place because I feel better and look better.the nose right is such a great product for the pice and I just can’t get enough of it, it is truly a great product. 


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