Do You Have Anything Better to Do? Then Leave me Alone …

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One thing that I have noticed about my life is how easily I can fall into a pattern of coming around when I do not have anything better to do.  In other words, for the most part, I do not have a lot to say to you, but there is no one else around to listen to me, so how has your day been today?  I have even treated God with the same indifference. 

Is this the reality of human relationships?  That we prioritize people based off of our relationships to them and then go down a mental checklist and those people that are at the bottom of that list we never get around to and the people at the top of the list we go out of our way for?  If I complain and say that I do not have a lot of friends, is it because I have placed so many of my friends at the bottom of that list?  Do I even look at the list anymore, do I even pull it out?

I am someone that is good at meeting a lot of people and making acquaintances with a lot of individuals in a short period of time.  Meeting people has never really been an issue for me.  The problem that I have, is in developing true connections.  Usually when I do, a lot of drama comes with it and then I am quick to push someone aside to get through to someone else.  I am just so sick of dealing with that individual and their problems.

That is not the right way to be, but I do not know how to be anything or anyone else to that individual.  We can gripe, and we can complain, or we can get on with ourselves and find a way to solve our own problems.  God can help you with those problems, I can pray for you, but I don’t really want to hear what those problems are.

The polite thing for me to do is to ask you how things are.  The polite way for you to respond is to tell me that everything is okay.  So what happens when neither one of us feel like being polite?  Where do we go from there?

If you treat people as an afterthought they will treat you as one as well.  But the honest truth is that I thought about that person after I thought about someone else.  How can I think about that person first, how can I make a point of seeing after that individual?

I do believe in God, as I also believe that in many ways, God becomes a priority in the lives of people who were never a priority in the lives of anyone else.  He can teach us to put everything into perspective.  No longer are we stuck in a position where we are forgotten and looked over.  The only thing I have learned, is that when people complain about how badly they have been treated, the first thing I want to know is how bad they have treated someone else.  This is because I know how it can be a two way street, but it just looks different because it feels different coming from me than it does coming from you.  Do I have all of the answers?  No, of course not; do I want all of the answers?  Do I have to act on the wisdom gleaned from those answers today …


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