Finding Employment After Qualifiying as a Cna

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When you have completed your Certified Nursing Assistant Training and you have passed the necessary tests to obtain your CNA Certification, you will be ready to start work and putting your new found skills and knowledge into practice. Unless of course you took the paid CNA training option in which case you will already be in employment and have substantial practical experience and may not need to start searching for work.

For those who do need to start looking for work at this point, the first thing you will need to decide is what type of setting would you like to work in. You will have various options available to you now that you have your CNA Certification, such as Doctors offices, Nursing homes and Hospitals you may even prefer to work with individuals who need care and support in their own homes.

When you know the type of CNA work you want to do, you will have a better idea of where to start your job search. You may have contacts already which you gained during your CNA Training it is usually best to ask around places you already know and people you have already made contact with if there are any suitable vacancies for you. These will be people who you have already built up a relationship with and who know the standard of your work as well as the kind of person you are.   

Now you have done your CNA training and have obtained your CNA certificate you will have more options of employment available to you. If you are not successful in obtaining work through contacts you already have at least you have made it known you are qualified, available and looking for suitable work. Your contacts will also assist your efforts by checking with other contacts they may have to see if there are any suitable vacancies.  

If you still have no success then you need to use the traditional routes of looking through newspaper adverts, employment services etc. You will need to ensure your resume is up to date of course and employment agencies can often be a good place to start.


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