Giuvech From The Garden in Summer Time

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Guvech from the garden in summer time

The recipe serves 4. The time for its preparation is about an hour and a half. The recipe is very easy and everybody can prepare it.Even people who have never cooked any dish could prepare this tasty guvech from the garden especially in summer time. The tomatoes and paprika are full of vitamins and the dish is very good from this point of view. On the other hand the combination with pork meat makes the dish taste fantastic.


1 kg pork meat

1 kg onion

1 kg fresh tomatoes ( you can use tyomatoes from a can but with frsh tomatoes the dish is much more tasty)

100 gr olive oil

1 red paprika

Salt to taste

50 gr parsley

20 gr dill

Black pepper powder (not obligatory)

Method of preparation:

The first thing you have to do is to wash the meat and to cut it into small pieces. Then into a frying pan place the meat and fry it on all sides. When the meat is ready place it into another pan.Now, you have to peel the onion,wash it and grate it. Wash the paprika,clean it and chop it into very small pieces. Then place the chopped paprika and the grated onion into the frying pan where you have fried the meat. Add some warm water about 100 or 150 gr. Stew and after that add the meat to the stewed onion. After 5 minutes take a saucepan and place all the ingredients from the frying pan into it. Salt to taste. Continue cooking.

Meanwhile wash the tomatoes and peel them. The next thing you have to do is to grate the tomatoes and after that to add them to the other ingredients. Stir well and continue cooking. Washthe parsley and the dill. Chop them finely. When the meat is ready add them and cook for other 3 or 5 minutes. If you like black pepepr powder you can sprinkle it in the last 2 minutes while cooking the dish or when you serve the dish. I recommend to serve the dish with homemade prepared bread or at least with some slices   toasted bread. Red wine and beer are also a good choice with this delicious dish.Enjoy!


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