Are You a Victim of Alzheimer's Disease?

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Alzheimer’s disease is a leading killer and is probably the most common form of dementia one can come across. It is a progressive disease with gradual increase in neurological abnormalities. How does one recognize Alzheimer’s disease? After all there are several forms of dementia. Here are some tips to recognize the disease.

The most important symptom and characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease is loss of memory. Losing some part of the memory is a normal occurrence and which is part of the normal ageing process. Hence, the reduction in memory should not always be construed as pointing to Alzheimer’s disease. However, the loss of memory which occurs in Alzheimer’s disease is near total and can be a frightening experience. An individual’s past is totally wiped out and does not exist for the affected individual. The affected individual is unable to recall the names of very close relatives including spouse and children. Such individuals should never be allowed to leave the house without anybody in attendance. Alzheimer patients, lacking memory, are unable to recognize the street in which they live or, even the house where they are living. Such individuals are likely to get lost.

One of the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is the problem people would be having with languages. They have problems in framing sentences and putting words into their proper places. They also have problems in writing down things. What differentiates human beings from other animals is the ability of abstract thinking. This would gradually deteriorate in people susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease. Another characteristic feature is the tendency to misplace things frequently. Man is a creature of habit and usually has a tendency to place things at specific places so that these things can be recovered without much effort. This ability is missing in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and they have a tendency to misplace things and more importantly, forget to remember about it.

Another thing one comes to notice in Alzheimer individuals is the total lack of initiative exhibited by these individuals. They have to be told everything. Many a times, they don’t also understand the need for doing certain things. For example, these individuals have to be told that a bath is needed every day and that the teeth have to be brushed daily. These are some of the things which help in identifying Alzheimer victims at the beginning itself.


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