Cotton Cloth Diapers Vs. Other Materials

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Cotton cloth diapers are made with all cotton fibers. If you choose organic cotton, then you know that there have never been any pesticides or other chemicals contacting the material, either. You will also want to choose an unbleached cotton material if you really want to avoid chemical contact. Cotton is soft and very absorbent. Its the classic choice for cloth diapering your child. and easiest to come by.

Hemp cloth diapers are made with hemp fibers. Hemp is the the strongest natural fiber and more absorbent than cotton. The hemp plant is a very hardy plant and has no natural predators, therefore it can be grown without pesticides. Hemp material also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, a useful feature in a diaper. Diapers made with hemp fibers are usually blended with cotton.

Fleece cloth diapers are made from synthetic fibers derived from polyester. The advantage of using synthetic fleece material for your diapers cloth is that it will wick away moisture even when it is wet. Cotton will not do this, wet cotton will just stay wet and hold it against baby’s bum. Fleece sucks the moisture away from baby and either lets it evaporate into the air or transfers it out to a layer of cotton that is usually placed over the fleece. Fleece is a hardy fabric, and can withstand sturdy washings. Fleece is also very soft and comfortable, and lighter than wool, its natural fiber counterpart.

Wool coth diapers do much the same thing as synthetic fleece cloth diapers, in that they wick moisture, which is a great quality in a diaper’s cloth material. Wool is also a natural material, and so made without the use of chemicals or factory pollution. However, it is a heavier material, especially when wet, as it absorbs the moisture it wicks away. It is also probably the least soft and comfortable diaper cloth material.

Bamboo cloth diapers are made with bamboo plant fibers. Bamboo material “has it all” in that it is softer than cotton and hemp, has moisture wicking properties, and also contains anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. It is the most hypoallergenic choice for diapers cloth material. Not only that, it is an incredible sustainable eco-friendly resource and using it promotes the use of bamboo rather than slow-growing trees for many other products we use every day.


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