Can Amy Winehouse’s Addiction Death Stop Addiction?

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Addiction snatched away another pop-singer Amy Winehouse, the Grammy-winning British retro-soul singer whose remarkable musical achievements were often overshadowed by her tumultuous personal life. She was found dead at her home in the Camden section of London on July 23rd. Medical report confirms that Winehouse finally succumbed to addiction just at the blooming age of 27, following years of well-documented drug and alcohol problems. Her fans like Lady Gaga could write on Twitter and mourn saying, “Amy changed pop music forever, I remember knowing there was hope, and feeling not alone because of her. She lived jazz, she lived the blues.” The young singer’s sudden death made hundreds and thousands of music lovers broken-hearted. But can such sad emotions and sudden deaths stop this deadly addiction?

Addiction on the increase

Teen drug addiction has become an alarming epidemic today. Statistics about ever-growing addicts and addiction deaths are really alarming. It is estimated that more than 20 million people over the age of 12 use drugs and around 20,000 people a year die in the US from their addiction. In the UK 29% of the 15 year olds are reported to be taking drugs in the last year. Heroin was the main drug for which adults over age 18 were receiving treatment, while for those under the age of 18, it was marijuana or cannabis.

Drug abuse problem is taking various forms all over the world, with more problems now associated with the use of stimulant drugs, such as cocaine, and new substances increasingly appearing on the global market.

Alarming report on Addiction

United Nations’ 2011 World Drug Report has called for an urgent need for fight against drug use as illegal drug use is growing every day. Newly released United Nations report warns that the network of drug cartels now reaches into every corner of the earth and that corruption, addiction and death accompany drug trafficking wherever it goes. Addiction deaths and suicidal attempts are increasing beyond any control. According to UN’s report, illicit drug abuse is stealing the lives of 200,000 people worldwide each year and the number has doubled within ten years.

Addiction kills mercilessly

According to a statement from Amy Winehouse drug addiction kills one’s own personality. The key pillar of addiction is often self-hatred and an inability to see oneself as worthy of love. In Amy’s songs like “You Know I’m No Good,” and “Back to Black,” she made those feelings painfully plain. If you are an addict, that belief has probably always been with you and prompts you to make desperate attempts to hate yourself and even end your life. For obvious reasons, addiction makes relationships almost impossible as the stress of being unable to take in love and social support feels unbearable and can warp the personality. 

Who is going to bell the cat?

Consumerism and commercialism are harming the world seriously throwing the growing generations into abysmal desperation. “Earning money through any short cut” has become the norm of the modern world. Justice is being buried by selfishness. Values of life are forgotten. Government wants to retain power. Rich want to become richer. Human dignity is devalued by consumerism. Humanity is losing hope. If this is the condition who is going to bell the cat to stop further addiction deaths?


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