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If you’ve ever wrapped yourself in a blanket on a cold winter day, or sat under a tree in the hot summer, you know how much of a difference a little protection from the elements can be. Your home or office should be offering you the same comfort. But at what cost? The vast majority of homes built in the last century did little to focus on that aspect of comfort, because quite simply: Energy was cheap. Sadly those days are behind us. Car manufacturers realized this awhile ago and almost every one of them has taken great steps in reducing energy usage. But why not homes? Afterall, most people spend more time in their home than their vehicle, right? Well that’s a simple matter of economics. You see, a home builder wants to put in as much “wow factor” as they can while keeping the overall price in reach of the target market. So they’ll put in as many things that will catch your eye like Granite counters and Stainless steel appliances knowing full well, that essentially no one is going to enquire about just how much will it cost to actually run the home at a level that is comfortable. I know, I speak from years of building and selling custom homes.

Signs of Insulation Problems

In the winter

• walls cold to touch
• cold floors
• high heating costs
• uneven heating levels within building
• mold growing on walls

In the summer

• uncomfortably hot inside air
• high cooling costs
• ineffectiveness of air conditioning system
• mold growing in basement

If these signs apply to your home or office, know that it will only get worse as time goes on. Although, granted, if you have mold growing all over your house, you should leave this blog immediately and seek professional assistance in getting rid of it! That stuff will make your whole family sick and can cause many long term illnesses. But as I was saying, if the above does apply to you than you may want to seriously consider getting your home/office coated with a thermal barrier by an exterior house painter in Calgary. Sounds high tech, I know, and really that’s because it is. But it can also be thought of as a “paint on steroids” that will essentially blanket wrap your home with an incredible layer of protection. This product blew away the standards set by energy star and after 6 years of intense testing was still just as strong as it was on day 1. Great little side bonus is that it can be tinted to any color in the rainbow (well at least 5000+ of them, I’m not sure exactly how many colors and shades are actually in the rainbow) and when you consider that it can give you up to an R24 rating while reflecting back up to 88% of all solar/thermal/UV rays…. For most people, it’s an easy decision.


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