Why The US Needs Certified Nursing Assistants

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When a person has completed CNA training and has passed the tests involved to become CNA certificated they are qualified to work alongside medically trained staff providing basic and routine care to patients. They will usually work under the direction of nursing staff, and whilst not being able to administer medication, or provide anything beyond basic care needs, they are able to undertake such duties as dressing, feeding and bathing. They are also trained in basic medical skills such as obtaining and recording vital statistics of blood pressure etc.

In these days when qualified nursing staff are in short supply, employers need to know that they have staff who can supplement the medical staff more readily because they know they have undergone CNA training and are CNA Certificated to enable them to provide basic care needs. It is vital to have staff who have undertaken CNA training and for staff to be CNA certified. This enables the basic provision of care to be carried out by trained and qualified staff so that nursing and medical staff can be freed up to provide for and concentrate on patients’ other needs where a higher level or specific medical training is required.

Employers are more likely to employ members of staff who have been CNA trained and have obtained CNA  Certification, as it means they don’t have to provide the same level of training which is costly and time consuming. They know that if they take on staff who are already CNA trained and CNA certificated they will be able to provide a higher standard of care more quickly and cost effectively. It can cost an employer thousands of dollars to recruit and train staff to the necessary standard to perform even the most basic of care provision. Where someone has already had CNA training and is CNA Certified they have the necessary skills and can also be proactive in the care they provide. A good CNA will often more easily recognise certain problems patients may have and be equipped to take the appropriate action. This means that they are able to provide a higher quality of service to patients.


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