What do Cna Classes Entail?

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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training schools vary somewhat according to the state in which the training is being provided and the institution providing the training. As with many things we look to undertake it is a good idea to check out what exactly you are getting for your money, before committing yourself to it. You should check out what is going to be covered in the training, and do some comparisons of subject matter and costs. Consider it as an investment in yourself and your future.

Obtaining CNA Certification is a challenging and rewarding experience setting you in good stead for a career as a Nursing Assistant in the future. During your training you will cover a variety of subjects, such as Health and Safety, How to move patients properly without causing injury to them, or to yourself. You will learn about the control of infections, how to check the vital signs of a patient,how to bathe and dress a patient properly, what to do in an emergency eg. CPR, how to ensure if they are sick they don’t get any worse and how to prevent their sickness from spreading to other patients and staff.

You will learn some of the most common medical terminologies, as well as how and when various health documentation is used. You will be taught basic Anatomy and Psychology and a little about medications. Some courses may include extra certifications along with the basics, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), certification for CPR and Basic Life Support or perhaps Blood-borne Pathogens. These will obviously increase the length and cost of the course involved, which is why it is important to check what is on offer and what costs will be involved.

The class work can be carried out by various means, you could choose to do it online maybe in the comfort of your own home, or they could be held in more formal classroom settings such as in a certified CNA Training school, or at a red cross nursing home. Again it is important to check what will best suit your circumstances and needs.


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