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Neil Armstrong landed on Mars in the year 1969 to prove man could reach out to the universe if he wanted to, with the advent of 3D films, Man had come a step closer to viewing celluloid that looked like real and in the 20th century Bill Gates introduced man to the virtual world and Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook made distances shorter and bought people from remote corners closer. That’s how much Technology has developed and the Tech bug has now spread into schools across the country with OSA. abbreviated as OSA, is a popular portal offering parents with a wonderful solution of how easy they can find school in their nearby location and can start a hassle free admission process for their child.

Developed and conceptualized by a parent for Indian Parents, schools can now find themselves in the virtual world, thanks to Online School Admissions. You can now visit a school without going there and we mean it! With ten years of experience in the field of education and having specialized in the process of admissions, Online School Admissions takes care of everything that you would otherwise have to do on your own right from providing you with a directory of schools across the country to choose from to managing your child’s documents for you online, submit your child’s school application forms online and OSA will stand with you till you get an interview date for your child from a school. You can apply to any school by fill and submit school application form online from the comfort of your house or your office at any time of the day and visit a school without actually going there.

OSA is a trusted web portal that ensures complete assistance with the entire admission process. We don’t guarantee you an admission but promise to walk with you till your child is called for an interview. We have over ten thousand parents who have tried our services and are happy with it and more than fifteen thousand schools for the parents. OSA has put the punch back into school admissions process. School search in your location for your child admissions not an easy task if you not aware about the location, but if you are before the internet and can access the Online School Admissions an online web portal for schools information and schools application form then everything is easier then easy!


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