You Don't Need to be Doing Yoga Regularly in Order to Practice The Surya Namaskar.

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Complete health is called a person must be mentally , spiritual , socially fit .

science of health in modern times consider yoga as complete education in every respect.We might live happy healthy long life by doing yoga .The yoga words comes from the Sanskrit word YUZ meaning of that join or unite there are some rule and regulation must be followed before expecting yoga education – 

Yum – ahinsha , sathya ,athya, brahmacharya,aparigraha. 

Niyam- soch ,santhos ,tap,swadhyay,Ishwar ,Prani Dham.

Asanas , pranayama,prathyahara,dharana, dhyan,samadhi.

The Main aim of yoga education is “yoga chitta vritt nirodhah” is the sutra a told by yoga guru patanjali in yoga sastra .The  Indian rishi use to leave a healthy life up to 400 years or even longer. yoga teaches us very healthy routine individual  and beneficial for the society as whole peaceful and advance life very scientifically .Yoga teaches us vasudeva kutumbakam , They have never wrote about Nero religious dock mark or principal . This for all human .Its comes directly from original scriptures from Ayurveda which is the part of “Atharva veda “where it has been told. These are not merely exercise  but it shows the part towards the fully developed healthy society .Now the world has expected this old and perfect knowledge .We even should do yoga everday And surya Namskar . 

we should do these steps as much as possibleThere are 12 different poses to do in a Surya Namaskar and you’re known to have finished a complete round when you’ve performed two consecutive sets.You don’t need to be doing yoga regularly in order to practice the Surya Namaskar. If performed correctly, this exercise does not strain or cause injury. If performed in the morning, it relieves stiffness, revitalises your body and refreshes the mind. Do it during the day and it will instantly boost you up, practice it after sundown and it helps you unwind.

 Surya Namaskar PosturesYoga Meditation

Yoga Meditation is the art and science of systematically observing, accepting, understanding, and training each of the levels of our being, such that we may coordinate and integrate those aspects of ourselves, and dwell in the direct experience of the center of consciousness. The links above are to a 16-page description of Yoga Meditation, which explains the process in practical terms, and simple language.

Yoga Meditation is not actually a separate aspect of Yoga, due to the fact that Yoga is meditation. However, the phrase Yoga Meditation is being used here to discriminate between Yoga Meditation and the now popular belief that Yoga is about physical postures. Yoga or Yoga Meditation is a complete process unto itself, only a small, though useful part of which relates to the physical body.


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