Healthy Diet Tips

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Dieting does not mean drastically reduce food portions. An unbalanced diet can only harm your health.

1. Do not get hungry. Dieting does not mean letting your stomach hunger in a long time. If you eat when very hungry state, then the amount of food that you eat will be more and more. Calories into the body any more. Rather than let the hungry, the better provide healthy snacks that have low calories such as fruit or yogurt to the stomach is not too hungry.

2. Mix and match meals. Noteworthy in the diet is a solid match the menu that you eat. Note the correct combination of existing, whether it is in accordance with less calorie needs each day. Lest the food you eat just add fat, but has a nutrition and calories that are not appropriate. For more details, you should consult a nutritionist.

3. Choose the type of beverage. Beverages are best suited for those who diet is water. Drinking sodas, tea, bottled or packaged fruit juices actually contain a lot of sugar and calories. If you want to drink juice, you should make your own juice from fresh fruit.

4. Chew food properly. Experts advise you to chew food at least 30 times the cud. It is intended that the stomach is no longer difficult to digest makana intake. In addition, chew longer allow time for the stomach to signal ‘satiety’. If you eat too fast, then the stomach will send a signal after you already eat a lot.

5. Using a small plate. Replace the plate with a smaller size could also be a good idea diet. Eating with a smaller plate will give us suggestions to eat smaller portions.

6. Eat at the dinner table. You also need to focus when eating. Doing something else, like watching TV while eating, will only make it difficult to control the amount of food eaten. Better to eat at the table, so the focus is not split.

7. Stop eating when full. When you feel full, you should stop eating the food there. Do not get used to eating whole foods that are available. It will make you accustomed to eating with a portion of the lot. Eat according to need.


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