History of The Crusades

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Both the knight and lay people from many countries in Western Europe, with little central leadership, goes through land and sea towards Jerusalem and captured the city in July 1099, founded the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem or the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Although mastery is only ended less than two hundred years, the crusade was the turning point of Western world domination, and the only one who managed to achieve its objectives.

Although ahead of the eleventh century most of Europe formally embraced Christianity – every child baptized, the church hierarchy have been there to put all believers under the guidance of a marriage, pastoral place in the Church, and people who are dying receive the last rites of the church – but the Europeans do not show themselves as the Kingdom of God on earth. disputes always arise among the Christian princes, and the battle between land-hungry nobles make people suffer.
To encourage the Crusaders, Urban and the popes who followed him emphasized the “gain” spiritual war against Muslims. From the pages of the Bible, Urban convince the fighters was that by doing this, they will go straight to heaven, or at least to shorten time in purgatory.

On the way to the holy land, the Crusaders stopped at Constantinople. As long as they are there, only one thing that is shown: Unity between East and West is still impossible. The emperor saw an iron clad soldiers as a threat to his throne. When the Crusaders know that Alexis has made a treaty with the Turks, they feel that the “traitor” has thwarted the first part of their mission: drive the Turks from Constantinople.

By provision of the emperor, the army proceeded to the towns south and east, occupied from Antioch and Jerusalem. The bloodshed followed their victory in the Holy City. Crusader’s tactics “do not take prisoners.” An observer who condone such action is wrote that the soldiers’ blood in their riding high as a horse bridle. “

Having founded the Latin kingdom in Jerusalem, and with the lifting of Godfrey of Bouillon as ruler, they change their attitude, from attack to defense. They started to build new fortifications, which until now, some of which are still visible.

In subsequent years, forming a new command that half military, half religious. Especially the Order of Knights Templar (English: Knights Templar) and the Order of the Hospital (English: Knights Hospitalers). Although initially set up to help the Crusaders, they became a formidable military organization and stand-alone.

The First Crusade was the most successful. Although a bit dramatic and vibrant, the military effort is not effective to hold Muslim.


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