This Order Line Uk Heir to Throne

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All Dukes, Duchess, and Viscounts? Certainly it is difficult to remember everything, but here are ten members of the royal family’s first order of who will inherit the throne of the United Kingdom

1. Charles, Prince of Wales: The father of the prospective groom and the heir to the throne, known by his efforts to protect nature and architectural masterpieces. However, the public saw Charles as a rigid and outdated. A poll in Britain concluded that the majority of Britons would rather immediate succession granted to William after the death of the Queen, although it probably will not happen.

2. Prince William of Wales: A flight lieutenant and pilot in the Royal Air Force. William has won the sympathy of British society since the death of his mother, Princess Diana, when she was 15 years old. There is great hope that William and Kate will resurrect the glory of the monarchy and bring good fate for the kingdom.

3. Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales: Harry, would be the best man, restoring his reputation as a bad boy by giving breakfast healer or recovering after a drunken state until 06.00 on Saturday, April 23. Meanwhile, her partner in marriage William was a socialite and aspiring lawyer, Chelsea Davy, who was always off and on with Harry.

4. Prince Andrew, Duke of York: My younger brother Charles and Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband. Andrew has the rank of Admiral in the Royal Navy, where he served during the Falklands War. However, a friendship with New York billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, pedophiles, have embarrassed the Royal Family.

5. Princess Beatrice of York: The eldest daughter Andrew and his former wife Sarah Ferguson, who was 22 years old, Beatrice is the first cousin of William and the first woman in line heir to the throne. So far, Beatrice away from the limelight and he is rumored to lecture at two universities in London in recent years.

6. Princess Eugenie of York: sister Beatrice, Eugenie (21), studied at Newcastle University with a major in history, English literature, and politics. Eugenie do charity work for the Cancer Foundation of Youth, but like his brother, away from the spotlight.

7. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex: the smallest brother Charles, Edward has a production company films and documentaries, which has now closed. His marriage to Sophie Rhys-Jones (now a Countess of Wessex) in 1999 broke the rumor, which was also denied by both Edward and Sophie, that Edward was gay. Edward is also often associated with the Swedish-born TV presenter, Ulrika Jonsson.

8. James, Viscount Severn: Son of Prince Edward and Sophie, who lives with her parents at the royal residence at Bagshot Park, Surrey.

9. Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor: Louise (7) is behind his brother, James, in line heir to the throne because primogenitur system, namely the direct heir of the line down to the boys first, this system promised to be removed by the government.

10. Anne, Princess Royal: The only daughter of Queen Anne has just completed the game on horseback and he was the only member of the royal family who fought in the Olympics. His first marriage to Captain Mark Phillips, produced two children and ended in divorce. Since 1992, she married Vice-Admiral Timothy Laurence.


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