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Iran may be the  Bette noire of the world.  Yet history records that though the Iranian’s have an ancient civilization but they lagged behind in development at the turn of the 20th century. An attempt was made by Shah ( Reza Pahlavi)  to bring in modernization. But he failed and the Islamic extremists led by Ayatollah Khomeini took over. In such a scenario a site like Iranian Personals.com is like a breath of fresh air. The site that caters to Iranian Moslems all over the world including Iran is a great hit. The site was launched in 2001 and has completed a decade of its existence. In fact during this period the site has grown by leaps and bounds as can be seen by the vast number of photographs and data uploaded by Iranians.

It is obvious that the writ of the Ayatollah’s does not run as far as this site is concerned. With servers outside Iran, the site is outside the pale of influence of hard line Moslem clerics.  The site gives an excellent opening to desiring couples to intermingle and select a partner for marriage, dating or friendship. All you have to do is to log on to www.iranianpersonals.com and fill up the necessary personal details and upload a photograph (optional). The membership is free, but in case you have to use the other facilities offered by the site like SMS facility, chatting and sending personalized messages a payment subscription is a requirement. The site is the oldest Iranian dating site and has over 150,000 members. I

Iranian Personals: Key Differentiators

As in all fields of commerce there is always competition. Iranian personals also have a number of rivals as well. The more important sites competing with Iranian personals are IraniMatrimony.com, Iranianpassion.com, persiansoulmate.com, loveawake.com among others. The field is definitely quite dense and any one can get confused with the plethora of sites show casing their wares on the net. However Iranian personal is a site that has a global reach and the site is easily accessed from any corner of the globe including the mullah dominated Iran. Secondly the site over the last decade has built up a solid clientele and more important a trust with its members. The site has a solid reputation of reliability and confidentiality, which is so important in dating and friendship sites.

The site also has a consultant Dr. Mouse.  This good man is a great help and will all try and solve any problem that a members has. He is easily approachable and his suggestions can be a great help. In particular, his advice as to how to break the resistance of conservative Iranian Moslems girls is a great help.

Iranian Personals Pricing & Packages

. The basic membership is free and one can simply become a member by filling up a form on the net.  This takes just a minute and you can become a member straight away. But in case you want to make use of the extra services provided by the site like sms facility, chatting, sending messages and telephone contact a paid membership is a must.

The site which is on line since 2001 gives a paid membership for $ 39.99 which can be paid on line through debit or credit cards, PayPal and check as per choice of the member. The paid membership of $39.99 is the base price and for more extra services the membership price will go up. This basic price is for one month, but in case you opt for a 3 or 6 months period, the price is significantly reduced and one has to pay just $33.99and $24.99 respectively.

Customer Feedback on Iranian Personals

The icing on the cake of a dating site is the customer feed back. This alone will show whether the site is a long term prospect or likely to fold up in due course of time. Generally reviewers refer to Iranian personals as the number one site among its genre. The overall customer feedback is extremely positive and even shy Iranian girls will vouchsafe for this site.. I will certainly recommend this site to all Moslems from Iran on the look out for a companion from the opposite sex. Remember Gays have no place in this set up.


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