Hemostan 500Mg Capsules

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Hemostan 500mg Capsules

Ever since I came back from a holiday trip last week I have been suffering from heavy bleeding. I thought it was just linked to my normal menstrual cycle but when the bleeding didn’t stop after several days, I was pretty scared and called up my doctor immediately.

My doctor immediately prescribed me a trans-vaginal ultrasound. I was pretty scared with the idea as it sounded painful and so offered to come he next day and until than I asked her to prescribe some medicine upon which she gave me Hemostan 500mg capsules and Ponstan Tablets.

Hemostan 500mg aids in stopping the blood flow and Ponstan tablet is a normal pain killer for quick pain relief. After examining the instructions, I immediately bough a file of Hemostan 500mg and Ponstan Tablets. I started using it the very same day and the very next day I saw some improvement, the bleeding had diminished and I breathe a sigh of relief. Actually I even planned skipping the trans- vaginal ultrasound for a day or two (just to check if Hemostan 500mg capsules would eventually treat my complications) and it sure did. In just 3 days of using Hemostan 500mg as per instruction, the bleeding stopped and life was back to normal.

On the third day I consulted the doctor and informed her about the situation. She still wanted to carryout the trans-vaginal ultrasound to study any complications but I was scared and since the problem was treated, I became a little complacent.

Hemostan 500mg is really a great medication and I always keep a capsule or two with me just in case I require it anytime.


Hemostan 500mg capsules come in a tamper resistant pack and are easy to swallow.

Tips and warnings

·         Avoid using Hemostan 500mg capsule, if you are allergic to any of its active ingredients. In case of any such reaction, consult a doctor immediately.

·         In form your doctor if you are a patient of any cardiovascular conditions or any other ailments.

·         In case of pregnancy or breast-feeding consult your doctor before administering any medications.


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