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Google Places Business Listing Service is poised to take over page one of search! Gone are the days of the “YELLOW BOOKS” & Yellow Page directories, replaced with the intuitive search structure put in place by Google LocaL business listings. If you HAD a website listing on page ONE of Google – you’ll need to take a NEW look and you’ll find that Google places business listings are dominating page one of search. Google is now showing those listings that HAVE a Listing in Google Places with information filled out!! Going forward having a CLAIMED Google Places listing will be make or break for MANY businesses! Google Places business listings are quite simply AWESOME! No matter what you type (or SPEAK) into the search box. PS – New Version of Google chrome for desktop has a microphone for SPEECH to search – AWESOME!!! Top that with the FREE Google Places business listing service website and the ability of any business owner to claim and add 10 images – up to 5 videos, keyword focused descriptions, as well as keyword focused tags for all images. You’ll have lots of ammunition to get your company FOUND online for FREE! Simply claim your Google Places business listing – NOW. PS – have you seen the new RED button to “REVIEW” a place? It’s so obvious that Google has decided to attack and take over the PLACES marketplace! The new RED “review” button makes it very clear what your visitors need to do!

The best of all is the fact you can NOW get a listing to the top of search by utilizing the combination of search, review, places, social media and more.. Do you remember years back when everyone was so.. concerned that the internet would REMOVE the personal touch from people and businesses?? Seems to me that the likes of social media, reviews, check-ins, FaceBook, Twitter, and Linked just to name a few – prove that the Internet has made all our lives about as “personal and interconnected” as we could ever imagine ..and then some.

As a business owner you’d have to be CRAZY Not to CLAIM your FREE Google Places listing! You can find many articles online to coach you on how to optimizing your listings – or you can simply pick from the many services now available in local marketplaces offering these optimization services to “offline” business owners on a very personal and one on one basis.

Don’t walk, think about it … consider it, or just give it some thought.. RUN and CLAIM your Google Places Business Listing NOW the sooner you do the more impact and longevity your business will have in search rankings! It’s free and it’s SURE to RANK since it’s Google giving it to you! Once you’ve optimized your Google Places Business Listing – your next order of business is to claim your Bing Local and Yahoo Local Business listings too!

There are services like of NJ that offer free video training on Google places services as well as mobile services to boost your sales and bottom line – while getting the most out of every free service that worth its weight online!


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