3 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog Other Than Selling Your Own Product

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Google Adsense. You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? Kind of a cheap shot for me, you didn’t need to pay for anything to learn that, right? Nope. And I’m not going to show you how to use it either, you can figure that out for yourself pretty easy especially if you use Blogger and its set up for integrating already. I don’t count this as one of the 3 ways I will list, but it is a great tool to use as part of your income stream.

Google Affiliate. Something not as many people may know about, and which is a bigger opportunity in my opinion, is Google Affiliate, in which you can search for brands advertising things you would be able to promote, and sign up to affiliate with them. Sometimes it can take awhile for an advertiser to get back to you that you are approved to advertise their stuff, but once you are approved, you can make posts, put up image links, and whatever else you want to do, with their links. Tweet them, if you want, to your 500 followers you just made. When you get someone to go to their site and make a purchase or do any other action that that advertiser specifies in their Google Affiliate profile, you earn a commission on it. It may be a set commission or it may be a percentage of the however much the customer you sent to them spends. I have seen 30% and 40% commission, with some advertisers. If you are confident you can sell their service or product, its a huge opportunity.

Social Spark. Use a paid review site like Social Spark, which pays you to post reviews on your site. You have to sign up with them, get your blog approved, and have advertisers say they want you to write them a review. Then you get paid once you write the review. Why I like Social Spark above other sites like this: Their links are “no follow” links, which many sites do not do on their advertiser links. If advertiser links on your site lack the “no follow” tag, it can affect your PageRank in a negative way, which would obviously be bad for your blog or site.

Amazon Affiliate. Depending on what your site is about, becoming an Amazon Affiliate could be a big income earner for you. If you can take products off of Amazon and make them sound good enough to buy to your site members, its a great opportunity. If you have a website on computer software, or video games, or on health and beauty, you can find products on amazon for any of these topics, that you may want to suggest to your followers and have them buy.

Any one or all of these ideas may be a perfect fit for your site. If one of them doesn’t seem like it would fit with your blog or site, then don’t do it! I suggest trying out one idea first, and then adding another when you have the hang of it.


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