Phosphorus For Your Bone Strength

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Foods that we eat supply the energy needed to our body and they should be rich in minerals and vitamins. Phosphorus is a mineral essential for body growth and heath of bones.

Phosphorus is an essential part of food

Phosphorus is an essential element found in all known forms of life. Inorganic phosphorus in the form of the phosphate plays a major role in biological molecules such as DNA and RNA that form the structural framework. Cells in living beings use phosphate to transport cellular energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate. Calcium phosphate salts help in stiffening the bones in the body. (

Food necessary for the body

Phosphorus is found abundantly in the human body next to calcium.  An average adult human body contains about 0.7 kg of phosphorus. About 85-90% of the phosphorus in the human body is found in bones and teeth in the form of apatite.  Malnutrition results in low-phosphate syndromes and causes diseases. Muscle and neurological dysfunction are symptoms of low-phosphate. Deficiency of phosphorus in the body can lead to bone problems, skin sensitivity, irregular breathing, numbness, tremors, restricted growth, tooth problems, rickets, fatigue and stress.

Foods rich in phosphorus

1) Grains rich in phosphorus
Oats, whole wheat and bran mixes or any combination of bran flakes are rich in phosphorus. Whole wheat baked goods or cottonseed flour contain a large amount of phosphorus. These kinds of foods contain fiber and other nutritional benefits. Too much of sugar may block the effect of phosphorus.

2) Dairy products
Milk, Cottage Cheese and natural cheese contain good amount of phosphorus. According to the USDA Nutrient Database, dairy products such as milk, buttermilk, yogurt, milk shakes, pudding and cheese sauce are rich in phosphate.  ( -)

3) Peanut varieties
Peanut butter contains a large amount of protein and phosphorus. Peas are found in many varieties which contain rich phosphorus. Nutritional experts suggest taking organic, natural peanut butter over sweetened, fat saturated varieties.

4) All variety of beans
Beans, such as Soya beans, and their byproducts also are good source of phosphorus.

5) Corn varieties
Corn is a popular food that contains phosphorus, found in many varieties. Whether fresh or canned, corn can be incorporated into many varieties of food.
6) Broccoli and green vegetables
Green vegetables such as legumes and broccoli are phosphorus rich foods. They include health resources, including antioxidants for fighting toxins in the body.
7) Fish products
According to the USDA, fish varieties such as salmon, halibut, haddock, sardines, flounder, sole, rockfish, tuna, swordfish or trout; shellfish are good sources of phosphorus. Other water resources such as crab, shrimp, clams or scallops are also rich in phosphorus.

8) Poultry sources
 Chicken or turkey foods, natural egg yolk, and other poultry foods, including chicken fillet sandwich, chicken nuggets contain rich phosphorus.

9) Nuts and seeds
Nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and cotton seeds can be used as snacks for gaining phosphorus. They can add taste and flavor to food.

10) Garlic
Garlic is exceptionally rich in phosphorus which can provide both flavor and nutrition in daily cuisine


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