To Exercise is Wise And Nice

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Please maintain your body
By following every remedy
To exercise be ever ready
I appeal to man and lady

Only when body is fine
We can peacefully dine
We can pray to Divine
We can enjoy sunshine

In case you are a smoker
You are noted by the maker
Soul may escape body-locker
Exercising alone gives succor

In case you are a drunkard
Your action is highly absurd
Body-cage, may quit soul-bird
Please seriously take my word

Please do nothing in excess
Moderation is the best process
It will prevent all the losses
Middle course wise man chooses

Please take care, be not slack
Strength you do not at all lack
To walk or run select a track
You can overcome any drawback

Consult a doctor if you need
Useful health books you read
A planned life in case you lead
You will excel in your deed

Body must never be ignored
Health into it must be stored
Various avenues be explored
Surely health can be scored

Even cancer can be fought
If will-power is by us got
Determination helps a lot
Time to exercise please allot

Exercising is the best remedy
Making one strong and sturdy
Our mood will be made steady
To work our body is made ready

When tiredness blocks our way
For keeping fit we must play
And for mind we must pray
Then will be fine our day

In case comes any ailment
Exercise does sure bailment
If we do it with involvement
Ill-health gets disappointment

When we feel like being idle
Surely ill-health will meddle
Creating a dangerous hurdle
Exercise will solve the riddle

Exercising may be cumbersome
But, profits are really handsome
Excellent benefits will come
Very robust we will become

Just show grim determination
Let boredom suffer termination
Continue to do exercising mission
Give to your mind permission

Day by day check your progress
Pray to God also to kindly bless
Exercising will remove even stress
And will augment your prowess

Dear friend, please now start
To pump hope into kind heart
I am sure of your growing smart
God and exercise ever comfort.



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