Best Human Resources Outsourcing And Administrative Services Provider in Iowa

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Commercial Resources Incorporated (CRI) provides the best human resources outsourcing in Iowa. It is also the best administrative services provider for small businesses.

Whether our assignment covers bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, human resources, professional employer services such as health insurance and 401(k) benefits, web marketing, or web management, we pride ourselves on being leaders helping clients develop a solid business foundation. Today’s business environment is a complex mix of increasing regulation, fast changing technology, and even faster changing social paradigms and trends. Our experience shows that true competence and integration of systems in all areas yields greater efficiency of operation and cost savings for our clients.


Accounting services can actually be divided into 2 segments: Bookkeeping and Accounting.

We do not charge accounting rates for bookkeeping functions. While popular with traditional accounting firms, it is offensive to our sensabilities as it will be yours when you find the difference it makes in your bottom line.


Have you ever worried about payroll?
Have you ever had questions about whether or not you are filing your employment taxes correctly?
Every time you sit down to process, is payroll a headache?

  • Support for hourly, salary, commissioned tipped and piece-work payment based employees

  • A variety of payment methods, including payroll check, direct deposit and, in some cases, a debit card arrangement

  • Payroll input methods via phone, fax and the Internet

  • Filing local, state and federal government paperwork (W2s, W4s, FICA, FUTA, SUTA)

  • Tax Reporting and Compliance

  • Certified Payroll, Job Costing and Departmental Billing

  • Prepare and distribute payroll checks

  • Payroll data maintenance

  • Prepare and distribute payroll checks

  • Response to I9 inquiries

  • Vacation and sick leave tracking

  • Direct deposit of wages to bank accounts

  • Federal, state and local withholding and tax deposits

  • Direct deposit of wages to bank accounts

  • Reporting and job costing

  • Direct deposit of wages to bank accounts

  • Payroll software management and accounting (GL) entries

  • Year end W2s and W3s

  • Payroll related record keeping, audits, inquiries and verifications.

  • Time clock management

  • Tax changes administration

Human Resource

Have you ever had a bad behaving employee and needed advice? Who do you call?
Do you ever wish you had a business friend to bounce ideas off of?
Is good employee retention difficult to come by?

Our Human Resources Outsourcing Services Include:

  • Site-specific Employee Handbooks

  • Termination Assistance

  • Unemployment Claims & Hearings

  • Policy & Procedure Manuals

  • EEOC Compliance

  • Sexual Harassment and Managerial Training

  • Pre-Screening Interviews

  • Drug Testing Policy

  • Human Resource Consulting

  • Employee Orientation

  • COBRA Administration

  • Fair Labor Standards Act Guidance

  • Employment Eligibility Verification

Professional Employer Organization

PEO Brand Statement per NAPEO:

“Professional Employer Organizations enable clients to cost effectively outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll, and workers compensation. PEO clients focus on their core competencies to maintain and grow their bottom line.”

PEO’s, through a contractual relationship, provide:

  • Relief from the burden of employment administration.

  • A wide range of personnel management solutions through a team of professionals.

  • Improved employment practices, compliance and risk management to reduce liabilities.

  • Access to a comprehensive employee benefits package, allowing clients to be competitive in the labor market.

  • Assistance to improve productivity and profitability.

What is co-employment?

A relationship with CRI involves a sharing of employer responsibilities between ourselves as a PEO and our clients. This employment relationship is referred to as co-employment.

Employers (you the client) continue to direct the day to day activities of your employees and CRI, as a co-employer is responsible for many human resource administrative functions and manages employee benefits administration, manages automated payroll processing and payroll tax preparation and filing, and is the “employer of record” on employees’ W-2s. We also handle, state unemployment insurance and claims and much more.

Regulatory Compliance

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing rules and regulations of business?
Are you worried you may not be in complete compliance with all of the IRS and State government rules?

We can help with a number of the following compliance issues:



  • Benefit Orientation

  • Employment Verification

  • Tax compliance

  • New Hire Reporting

  • State compliance

  • Federal Compliance

  • IRS Intervention

Business Services

Need help organizing and starting your new small business?
Not sure who to turn to and want to avoid costly CPA and Attorney Fees?

We can help with:

  • Business Creation

  • Business Compliance

  • Business Consulting

  • Operations Procedures

  • Maintain corporate records, books and minutes


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