Commercial Resources Incorporated Professional Services Provider For Small Businesses

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Commercial Resources Incorporated in Iowa or CRI has created a unique position in the marketplace as the premier small business administrative services provider. We are the one agency that is uniquely experienced, organized, and staffed to build your bottom line no matter where in the United States you are. CRI currently handles a very diverse client base.

The depth of experience allows us to fully leverage the relationships between our experience, our clients, and the bottom line. Our ability to deliver on our promises – time and again – is what makes CRI both so successful and so admired among our peers.

Professional Capabilities
At the very heart of our business is a deep and abiding commitment to support business potential. At the heart of a successful business is a driven mission, one that should create business building potentials and outcomes. It should be evident to the customers and clients, to the staff, and hopefully to the buyer that the business is a well-oiled machine requiring only the slightest nudge from its owner from time to time.

CRI is organized to serve as your business’ success steward, from the earliest days of on-boarding to the day the reins are handed to someone else. CRI will adjust according to need, bill only for the work done, have the most appropriate person do the work, or simply “take care of it all”.

CRI’s client handling skills are second to none. We were born of the entrepreneurial spirit. We understand what it means to be standing in your shoes better than any other provider in the industry. We have 18 “in house” businesses of our own to prove it.

National Operations
CRI has gone to great lengths to make working with clients anywhere in the country a snap. It wasn’t a snap putting it together. First we had to bring in two separate ISP lines at the maximum speed available. Next we install switchers to make sure our office is running at maximum available speed at any given time. Next comes the redundancy of dual hubs to make sure if one drops the other takes over. Then there is the firewall system, the server, the backup server and the dual remote offsite servers located at different locations throughout the country. And that is just for our accounting systems.

To make it better we partnered with a web app software developer / provider to customize a remote delivery payroll system. We call it CRISaas (software as a service). Then we created the first link of its kind to merge the online payroll system to the internationally acclaimed high end accounting Sage Software program called MAS90.

What does that all mean? Our payroll competition will be scratching their heads asking, “How did they do that?” We like that. And as an FYI to our competitors, we could use a little competition to help us raise the bar a little higher.

Web Marketing and Management
The world is changing fast, often much faster than web sites and their updates. CRI has turned the tables on the traditional method of creating, changing, and updating web sites with their new Web Marketing and Management division.

Web sites have always taken a huge amount of time and investment to get it right. Often by the time you’re ready to “publish” the site it is antiquated. We’ve change that. Call us about how our company can help you enjoy a completely different web experience. We have the systems and the talent to do what most small businesses only dream of and we can do it at a fraction of what you have experienced. Warning… we don’t do it like anyone else does. One or two paradigm shifts and you’re on your way to a much more productive web experience.

CRI Project Plan
CRI has invested heavily in other opportunities to help our clients be more successful. One way that we’ve done this is to work with web application and programming developers to deliver a free project management tool to our clients. It is a web based software application that allows our clients to manage their projects from anywhere in the world and anytime they want. Gone on vacation to Fiji and want to know who’s doing what and how things are progressing? Piece of cake. Go to any web browser log in from a web browser and you’re there. You can tell what is going on with each project, check updates, leave comments, send e-mail messages or just see who has been working on the projects and when. Very cool stuff and it is FREE to CRI clients. Just another way we put our money where our mouth is when it comes to our commitment to small businesses.


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