Indo China Relations —Ironing Out The Differences

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Causes of strained relations between India and China

• All weather friendship between China and Pak

• China’s continued opposition to India’s nuclear weapons programme

• China’s deep inroads into Myanmar

• Covert assistance of China to almost defunct LTTE in Srilanka

• China’s increasing activity in Bay of Bengal; Attempts to isolate India in ASEAN regional forum while keeping India out of Shanghai cooperation organisation(SCO)

• Relentless efforts to increase influence in Nepal and Bangladesh

• Forming a string of Pearls strategy to contain India and develop a capacity to dominate the northern Indian ocean region around 2015-20 by applying efforts to develop port facilities in Myanmar(Hangyi),Chittagong(Bangladesh),Srilanka(Hambantota),Maldives and Gwadar in Pak

• China has clandestine nuclear warheads –ballistic missiles-military hardware technology transfer relationship with Pak which causes apprehension in India.

• Frequent transgressions across the LAC

• Unprecedented Cyber attacks on Indian networks recently

• China has viewed with suspicion India’s willingness to join Australia, Japan and US in a quadrilateral engagement to promote shared common interests in Southeast Asia

• Increasing influence of US over New Delhi as China perceives. It fears that growing US- India strategic partnership is actually a loose alliance and that the two countries are ganging up against it. However India is a no n aligned country as it has supported the Non Aligned Movement for several decades during the cold war period and has never entered into with military alliance with any country.

• India’s providing a sanctuary to the Dalai Lama has been viewed with concern by China even though India has forbidden him from any anti China political activity from its soil.

• Territorial disputes involving occupation of Indian territory in Aksai Chin in Ladakh by china of approx 38000sqkm of area since 1950. China had surreptitiously built its alternative route from Tibet to Sinkiang through this territory. In addition 5180 sq km area of POK has been ceded to China by Pak in Shaksgam valley in north of Pak and siachen glacier which India does not recognise. China had built Karakoram highway to establish a strategic link between Sinkiang, Tibet and Pak in this.

• China continues to stake its claim on 96000sqkm in Arunachal Pradesh even though the territory is under Indian control. Chinese claim the Tawang tract as their part of Tibet since one of the Dalai Lamas was born here.

• The LAC after 1962 war is yet to be demarcated physically on ground and delineated on military maps which is quite different from the disputed 4056km long boundary between India and Tibet. This has resulted into clashing of Patrols of both the sides.


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