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I know blogging is a way of expressing how you feel, sharing your experiences to public, and giving rich info. crafts to public. But what if you have all the articles yet no one read or few people viewed your masterpiece?

Aside from the passion of writing, of course blogging is a new way for you guys to earn.  Come on! let us be frank about it, you blog not because you just want to but some of us blog because we want to earn.

So! To cut to the chase, let me give you a bit of info. how your article/web page blog/craft/masterpiece get the attention of someone.

A key to an effective blog article firstly, the Title of your article, it should attract readers interest (I bet you already know that).  Some people put strange and intruiging titles that makes people curious and view it on their own which I believe is very effective.

Second, since you already been hypnotized by the title, be IN to the content, what I mean is make your reader get interested to the content.  Having a rich info. article makes a reader crave for more which will make them look for you whenever you have new masterpiece since they already found out the you write good.

Try to come up with a unique and interesting topic! Since the subject is not that common, again you make your reader get curious and interested.

Also, consider the topic of your article is in trend, sometimes it helps when a particular talk of the town get people make them know more, making them dig deeper to the story aside from what they already know.

And lastly, since you now have all the scent to make your reader smell you where you’re hiding. Advertise your article, sell it to the public.  This is the key to earning buddy (hehehehehe…I know you want to).  Post your article to social networking, if you have 10,000 people in your friends list, at least invite them to view your blog then let us see what will be the result.

Well, at least I’ve shared what I know, feel free to comment, at least I would know your insights. Happy Writing!



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