Nicview: Creating Bond Between Preemie And The Mother

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Giving birth to premature and congenital defected infants is not a new problem. Naturally, every parent hopes his or her baby will be born healthy and full-term. Unfortunately, about 7% of babies are still born prematurely.  Research says there could be four main possibilities of having a premature baby- Infections/Inflammation, Maternal or fetal stress, Bleeding, Stretching.

Infections/Inflammation is totally related to the failure of body’s natural immune response to act against Pathogens. Maternal or fetal stress could be chronic psychological stress in the mother or physical stress. Bleeding occurs in the uterus if there is a rupture in the placenta. Overstretching happens if there are two or more babies, which in turn stimulates uterine contractions.

A premature baby may have various kinds of functional abnormalities that require special care.
The good news is that 9 out of 10 premature babies go on to lead perfectly normal, healthy lives. It’s quite difficult for the parents to cope up when they have to admit their baby for first few days or a week to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). It concentrates on prematurity and low birth weight and on common diseases like perinatal asphyxia, neonatal jaundice, respiratory distress syndrome (due to immaturity in lungs).

In premature birth cases, newborn parenting experiences are overshadowed by worry and grief. It’s hard and enduring for the mother or family to stay apart from the new born. So in such situations, how about having a video camera fitted to the NICU?

NICview, the new camera system is developed keeping in mind all the anxiety faced by the parents of a premature baby. It keeps the bonding alive by providing real time view of their infant in a neonatal intensive care and pediatrics units. All that it requires is Internet and any device that has access to the web. Parents and family members can see their new addition virtually if not physically. Every development of the infant could be monitored through this interface. Nicview is extremely easy to use, it does not require any software download, and it works in all major browsers. Parents are given authorized username and password. Nicview also allows easy access for the families to view their baby in a mobile device, no applications required.

Nicview can be a way out for parents who are more likely to face Post Natal Depression and Post Natal Post Traumatic Disorder. It is a disorder, which is seen in parents for whom it is difficult to feel the trauma in such childbirth.


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