For Those Who Deserve The Best – Luxury Hotels in Kolkata

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Kolkata, the land of freedom fighters, great thinkers and philosophers, the nursery of artists and a culture that has given this city the nickname of “the city of Joy”, is the state capital of West Bengal, India and is located in the eastern region of the country on the banks of Hooghly river. Known for its gastronomic culture and famous for its artistic expertise, Kolkata takes pride in taking the number one spot when it comes to things of artistic value and taste. Being a national capital for a long period of time under the British rule, Kolkata witnessed a lot of construction activity, including building of the monumental Victoria memorial, which gives Kolkata a rare shade of Victorian grandeur and style. The majestic Vidyasagar Setu bridge and rickety old Howrah bridge are equally enchanting in their own special ways.

Luxury hotels in Kolkatacater to a varied segment of tourists who visit this city of joy including business executives and tourists on vacations and leave no stone unturned to make the stay a memorable experience. Booking of hotels near Kolkata airport can be easily done online byu visiting the online portal and a cab can be made available for a pick up from the airport if requested. The warmth of the welcome and the hospitality that is extended right from the time of check in is remarkable and makes one feel at home instantly. The luxurious interiors and the comfortable ambience of the luxury hotels in Kolkata speak volumes about the extravagance the city of Kolkata must have witnessed during its golden days. The rooms are inexplicably intriguing and comfortable while the associated services are remarkably efficient and world class. The plush, hygienic washrooms and basic furniture in the room along with a mini bar make your stay thoroughly satisfying and comfortable.

Services on offer range from free valet parking to 24/7 helpdesk; round the clock room service for the nocturnal oriented guests is perfect for late night dinners. The in-house bar and restaurants in luxury hotels in Kolkata serve finest of whiskies one can expect and the kitchens churn out such delicacies of Indian and international cuisines which leave you asking for more. Rejuvenating and refreshing services include a world class spa with traditional massages and hot baths to free your muscles of tension and stress while the gym, equipped with workout machines from all over the world, helps you in keeping in shape after those endless rounds of delicacies and desserts. Whether you are on a business trip or are vacationing in this city of Joy, luxury hotels in Kolkata will definitely make your stay a success.


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