Boss, Please Raise my Salary

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There are many external factors that influence a person to reconsider the salary he had received. The main one is the price increase is increasingly suffocating bag. In addition, word of mouth reached the ears of the employee, that in other companies, with the same rank with himself, it turns out the salary received three times as large for example. While internal factors like better appreciated, because of his salary had never been climbed.

However, before asking for a raise, you should just see the company’s financial condition. If the company is heading into bankruptcy, then the employee asked for a raise, it does not know his name himself. Most importantly, look at yourself if you already deserve a raise.

Appropriateness can be calculated from manhour per hour how many, and then calculated how much salary a month. Applicant may bring a track record of accomplishments to support his request. From there it can be seen whether we value too high or otherwise, deserve higher salaries.

Rule looks forward battle, the outcome of the request for a raise This, of course varies. Could lose, it could also win. Say, if the request is rejected, it should be understood with a positive attitude. Perhaps the state of the company has not been possible to raise the salaries of its employees. Or performance in question is still “fit bandrol”, not to exceed its targets.

Conversely, if demand is released, the employee shall be pledged to a minimum to maintain achievements. If possible, it can improve performance, so that could someday exceed the agreed targets. However the company will not remain silent on the extraordinary accomplishments achieved its employees.

There are tips and tricks, so without demanding a raise and submit a proposal, raise you still considered superior.

    Show good performance.
Grow your personal self positive side.
Do not violate company regulations.
Take advantage of hours of work as effectively as possible.
Create achievements as much as possible.
Establish good relationships with colleagues, especially with superiors.
Avoid personal conflicts with anyone.
Cultivate the spirit of competition in contributing to the company.
Rate yourself fairly, in accordance with ability, background, and our achievements.
Do not demand exceeds the “value” of ourselves.

Well, company responses about the salary increase is twofold. First, raise salaries regularly. Second, while raising wages in exchange for achievement. The first is usually given when the company was established because the nature of repetition. While the second, commonly known as a bonus, sporadic and completely paid.

Now, It’s ready to go into the boss room?


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