Garbeta Skeleton Case: Why Sushanta Ghosh is so Scared

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Garbeta Skeleton Case: Why Sushanta Ghosh is so Scared

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Arrest of Debahish Pyne and Gunadhar Rana from a bus stand at Kotoali police station and from Keshpur’s Soldiha respectively of West Midnapur district on July 26, 2011 is not good news for Sushanta Ghosh of Garbeta. Sushanta Ghosh was an important minister in the cabinet of the former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya.

 It is popularly accepted that Sushanta Ghosh has condemnable criminal background. It is said that he has made a deal with the Maoist miscreants almost eleven years back to oust the opposition political forces (All India Trinamul Congress, Indian National Congress and others) from Garbeta-Keshpur area at the point of guns. It is also said that he, along with other CPIM leaders, has designed formation of the armed cadres who have become termed as ‘Harmads’. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya was the chief of the Home Department. Naturally, the security personnel were ready to support the dreaded minister from Garbeta. Tapan Ghose and Sukur Ali, two close followers of Sushanta Ghosh have played a part in the genocide at Chhoto Angaria where more than 10 Trinamul activists and supporters were reportedly burnt alive years back.

Debashis Pyne is a teacher of a high school and he was confidential secretary of Sushanta Ghosh. Gunadhar Rana is an important member in the CPIM party unit at Keshpur. West Bengal CID officers have arrest them in connection with Garbeta Skeleton case.  

What is Garbeta Skeleton case? First of all, it should be noted that the left regime in West Bengal has been replete with series of genocides conducted by the CPIM harmads over a period of thirty five years. It should be borne in mind that the case of Chhoto Angaria genocide is different from Garbeta Skeleton case.

Dasherbandh is an ordinary spot very close to the ancestral home of Sushanta Ghosh where local villagers, on receipt of clues from their co-habitats, unearthed a mass grave and dug out a few human skeletons.  It was June 4 last. Villagers have claimed that those skeletons are of the missing Trinamul Congress activists and supporters who were brutally murdered near Khetua in 2002 by the recruited harmads of Sushanta Ghosh in his presence. An FIR was lodged accusing some CPIM party men and charge sheet was issued in those days, but the accused were freed as nobody dared coming forward as witness because everyone was terrorized by none other than Sushanta Ghosh. The event of the skeletons so discovered, almost by accident, but after the recent miserable defeat of the left in the assembly election, is beginning of the Garbeta Skeleton case.

Sushanta Ghosh has apprehended that he will be arrested by the investigating officials in connection with the Garbeta Skeleton case. He has, therefore, prayed for advance bail at the Kolkata High Court and he has been given the bail. The High Court has set a few conditions on his movement and has prohibited him from entering in the district of West Midnapur.  

Now, he is again in great trouble. What else the course of events can be, in near and far future? People notice blood in his both hands. It has been a long sad story from Nandigram to Netai. Villagers in his home district are sure that a right kind of award is waiting for Sushanta Ghosh and his associates. This is why Sushanta Ghosh is so scared.


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